Laser Sailboat Masts, Booms and Spar Fittings

Here you’ll find replacement masts, booms, and fittings for your Laser, Laser Radial, or Laser 4.7 dinghy. We offer a variety of solutions for replacement mast parts and hardware, wind indicator, performance spar tape and wear disks and clew straps. Use our parts locators to ensure you find the correct part.

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  • APS Laser Mast Wear Strip Kit APS392

    APS Laser Mast Wear Strip Kit

  • Little Hawk MKI - Opti HKMK1

    Little Hawk MKI - Opti



    15% OFF

  • Little Hawk MKII - Laser HKMKII

    Little Hawk MKII - Laser



    15% OFF

  • Davis Windex 10" Sport Wind Indicator

    Davis Windex 10" Sport Wind Indicator

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Items 1-16 of 66

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Wind Indicators

If you are racing your Laser having a wind indicator is a must for up wind legs of the course.  By far the most popular types are those that strap to the lower mast at boom height.  These are in your line of site, so easy to read.  Other options are mounting one to the bow using a mounting plate/bracket included with some indicators, or sliding a staff type indicator at the top of the mast (slid between the mast and sail).  See our wind indicator review (link above).


Clew Straps

These keep the clew of the sail close to the boom which allows for tighter leach when fully sheeted in while sailing up wind.  They also are easy to rig/unrig due to their Velcro design, and tentd to slide well along the boom when adjusting the outhaul.


Mast Step Wear & Spar Performance

If you are racing these product will reduce wear and increase performance.  Use the APS Mast Wear Strip Kit to prevent wear on your mast step and improve your mast rake slightly (tighter leach tension up wind).  The APS Spar Tape Kit is used at the joint where the upper and lower mast join and is used to keep the connection tight as the parts wear, and your mast straight at the joint.  Use either the stainless, Carbo or Wearite disks at the bottom of your mast step to reduce mast step wear and improve mast rotation.


Laser Spars – Upper Mast, Lower Mast and Booms

For racing you will need to use Laser class legal spars which carry a sticker designating them as such.  Recreational spars are a good alternative to class legal spars if you are not racing, and offer some cost savings.

Tip: Mark your new upper mast next to the joint where it inserts into the lower mast.  For the first dozen or so times you use it (break in period) in medium or higher breeze, rotate it 180 degrees.  It is believed that this causes the metal to ‘set’ or harden-with-use in a balanced way – reduce mast failure.

Tip: If you will be competing in high winds the rivets used to attach boom block eyes can fatigue and fail over time.  Consider drilling out the boom block eye rivets and through bolting them back on permanently with using the APS kit that comes with instructions.

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