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  • 9978-laser-part-mast-vang-plate-stainless-steel-1.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Mast Vang Plate

  • ht873-vang-curved-kicker-key-2-pieces-set-2_grande

    Nautos Recreational Laser Curved Vang Key

  • 91142-laser-cx-nautos-laser-vang-complete-set-new-vang-laser-1.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Vang Complete Set

  • 91118-Laser-upper-vang-block-without-key.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Upper Vang Block Without Key

  • 91117-classic-vang-laser-block-1.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Lower Vang Block w/ Jam

  • 91108-straight-remove-vang-kicker-key-set-of-2-1.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Straight Allen Vang Key

  • ht-5849-laser-stainless-steel-plate-with-loop-and-2-dynamic-20-mm-blocks-1.jpg

    Nautos Training Laser Cunn/Outhaul Plate w/20mm Blocks

  • ht5848-base-with-double-cam-fairleads-laser-1.jpg

    Nautos Training Laser Cunn/Outhaul Base w/Nautos Cam Cleats

  • n7002v-turbo-powerpack-for-outhaul-and-cunningham.jpg

    Nautos Recreational Laser Power Pack Cunn/Outhaul Kit

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9 Item(s)

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More information on Recreational Laser parts:

These Laser boat parts are ideal for sailing clubs, camps, and recreational sailors, but are not certified to conform to class rules. We offer recreational parts that range from Laser sails to dinghy hardware. Get your Laser dinghy prepared for summer and ready for some fun in the sun with our recreational parts from Optiparts, CamCleat and WinDesign. 


Check out our full product offering for your Laser or other One Design Sailboats.

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