Price Matching


Which retail competitors do we price match?
Retailers in the Continental U.S.

Merchandise price matching cannot be combined with other coupons or promotional offers.

Which items do we price match?
We price match identical branded items with the same features, model number and U.S. warranty. The item must be in stock, priced at their “every-day” price and available for purchase (we reserve the right to call and verify that the item is in stock).

What is excluded from our price match?
We do not price match:

Items under $100.00 
Items that are sold below APS's cost
Items with final prices shown in the website shopping cart only.
Items sold on auction sites 
Liquidation sales 
Private sales or limited sales
After hours sales, early opening sales or any other timed event
Membership clubs
Wholesale prices
Free offers, buy one/get one, gift-with-purchase or bundled offers 
Clearance, sale, promotion or close-out prices 
Coupons or instant/mail-in manufacturer rebates (unless we offer the same rebates as our competitor) 
Used, damaged, returned, open box or display items 
Shipping/Handling charges 
Taxes or sales tax promotions 
Items in excess of competitor’s advertised limited time/limited quantity 
Timed events (e.g., early bird, door busters) 
Expired Ads 
Pricing or Typographical errors 
Made to order items
Services such as rigging, splicing and labor

How do I Request a Price Match from APS?

Step 1: Visit the APS store, call or email APS Sales and let us know that you have a price match item to discuss.

Step 2: Provide the name of the competitor, and also, be prepared to provide the website address, item number and base price of the item.

Step 3: APS Sales will confirm the price and in-stock availability of the item.

Step 4: Once confirmed, we will gladly match such competitor’s price as set forth above.

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