Sailboat Running and Standing Rigging Services

Largest Selection

Our selection of in-stock cordage is the most comprehesive offering in the world.

Quality Rigging

We're known far and wide for the quality of the rigging we produce.  Count on it to perform at your next event or day on the water. 

Day Definite Shipping 

Order with confidence knowing you'll receive your rigging when you need it.  When placing your rigging order, you will be given a definite shipping date.

Worldwide Delivery

We  ship worldwide daily.  Expect us to get your rigging to you no matter where you are on the globe.

HowTo Order Rigging

We are here to make ordering rigging easy. More information.

Line Splicing and Wire Swaging & Crimping


running rigging

Running Rigging

Standing Rigging

Stainless Standing Rigging


Life Line



dock lines

Dock Lines &


Wire assemblies

Wire Assemblies

wire to rope splice

Wire to Rope

For a quick reference guide, please visit our:


Line Selection Guide
How to Measure Wire
How to Measure Lifelines
How to Order Rigging
How to Identify Thread Size and Length

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