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If there is one thing we know, it’s that boats take a lot of work! You can’t go sailing if you’ve got a leak and you certainly can’t win with a boat that’s out of shape. That’s why our maintenance section is chock full of everything you need plus a few things you didn’t even know you needed! Here you will find sail tape, boat cleaner, marine epoxy glue and more!


APS stocks a wide assortment of sailboat maintenance and repair items from the top vendors in the marine industry. Take a look through all of our sub-categories to see the full collection of boat and marine repair products.

Abrasion Protection- Keep the deck of your boat in tip top condition. Use these solutions to protect your gelcoat in hard wearing areas.

Adhesives, Epoxy & Gelcoat Repairs- From keeping your bolts secure to a full fiberglass repair, we’ve got all the sticky stuff you need. Check out our selection of marine glues and epoxy.

Cleaners- A clean boat is a happy boat. APS sells several different hull cleaners and stain removers perfect for your dinghies and keelboats whether you’re washing the deck, the rudder or the cabin.

Corrosion Protection & Lubricants- Keep metals running smoothly, fiberglass and plastic parts running smoothly. We’ve got a lubricant to suit any and every part on your boat that rubs together.

Hull Cleaning & Polishing- Make sure your boat stays squeaky clean as you’re crossing the finish line. Shop our range of performance coatings and polishes.

Inspection Ports- Keep the water out and goodies in. We carry lots of different sizes and colors of inspection ports to help suit your needs. Also check out our inspection port accessories!

Non-Skid- Your crew will thank you for outfitting your deck with these non-skid pads. Available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Tapes- Whether you’re taping up a mainsail, a spinnaker, a shroud or a ring-ding - you’ll find a sticky solution here!

Wet & Dry Sandpaper- Make your surface as smooth as a baby’s bottom or as rough as a pirate’s hand with our full range of wet and dry sandpaper.


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