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  • Rub Strake 12 Stainless (1)

    Rub Strake 12 Stainless (1)

  • Stainless Wear & Tear Pad 9 x 2 In.

    Stainless Wear & Tear Pad 9 x 2 In.

  • UHMW Tape, 2" x 108`

    UHMW Tape, 2" x 108`



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More information on Abrasion Protection:

Prevention is key! Fast running sheets and furling lines can take a toll on you gelcoat. Save yourself from an unnecessary gelcoat restoration by protecting areas prone to abrasion.


APS offers several solutions to keep your deck and gelcoat looking like new. Whether you’re looking for a day-of-race tape solution or long lasting hardware- we’ve got it! Browse our selection of products from some of the best marine manufacturers on the market.


One of our favorite abrasion protection options is the Stainless Wear and Tear Pads from YEW Enterprises. These snazzy .05mm marine grade stainless steel pads attach easily with a self-adhesive back. They’re super thin and flexible making them a great solution for corners or other curved surfaces that lines run over.


For more info, check out our review on the Stern Scoop, the APS blog.

Anti-Chafe Stainless Steel Pads Review


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