Sailboat Corrosion Protection and Lubricants

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  • McLube One Drop Tube 1/2 oz

    McLube One Drop Tube 1/2 oz

  • McLube Sailkote Spray, 16 oz.

    McLube Sailkote Spray, 16 oz.

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More information on Corrosion Protection & Lubricants:

Ball bearings, winches, shackles and more… There are hundreds of parts and pieces constantly interacting with each other on your sailboat. Add in the combinations of saltwater, rain, metals and plastic and you’re in for trouble. Save yourself and your hardware from costly repairs and replacements with some preemptive measures. Use these lubricants and anti-corrosion products to everything on your boat running smoothly.


We know how important these products are to boat maintenance. That’s why we sell a great selection of sprays, gels and compounds to suit all your lubrication needs. From brands you know and trust like McLube, Infinilube, Boeshield, Tef-Gel and Duralac, these performance coatings are widely known and trusted.


Many of these anti-corrosives and lubricants can stand up to the elements your boat faces, like saltwater and detergents. They also will not hurt the integrity of your hardware and can be applied to many different parts of the boat.


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