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Set Ascending Direction
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Set Ascending Direction

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Racing or cruising, the right marine electronics and wind instruments can improve your sailing experience. Marine electronics are designed to be rugged and weatherproof. Don't let your boat leave the dock without a handheld VHF to communicate. On the lighter side, waterproof speakers are a great way to enjoy a cruise or get pumped up for a race.  Stay on the wind and sailing fast with a wide selection additional sensors, speed and wind instruments, mounting hardware options and accessories.


Navigation instruments are available with either magnetic or GPS heading sensors. Magnetic instruments will always show the direction the boat is pointing, while the GPS relies on the course the boat is traveling. As a result they will differ whenever there is any current or sideways slip. Similarly, speed can be measured as ‘through the water’ with a paddle wheel sensor, or ‘over ground’ using GPS. Sophisticated systems will combine these sensors to provide true wind speeds, VMG, and even depths.


APS carries only proven brands like Velocitek, TackTick by Raymarine, Nautalytics, Icom, Weather Hawk, and Vaavud. Whether you're looking for electronics to help your safety, speed or sound system, we've got something to suit your marine needs.

Digital Compasses

Self-contained electronic compasses from simple readouts to advanced features like timers or integration into more sophisticated systems. Cradles and mounting options are also in this section.

GPS Instruments

Self-contained GPS instruments from basic speed readouts to race data. You can even export your race log for detailed post-race review. Cradles and mounting options are also in this section.

VHF Radio

Essential for safety, a good handheld allows communication within the fleet or to shore. Our floating models ensure your investment won’t disappear beneath the waves.

Waterproof Speakers

Bring music anywhere you go, no matter the conditions. Bluetooth connection allows the source device to remain in a dry, safe location.

Wind Instruments

Hand held wind meters available as stand-alone devices or smart phone accessories. Additional features like compass (wind direction) and temperature provide powerful data.



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