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APS carries a wide range of electronic instruments and digital compasses to fit your racing, crusing or navigational needs. A digital compass can be as simple or high tech as you want it to be. Most product offerings come with large screen displays for easy readability on the water. 

Nautalytics Digital Compasses 

The Nautalytics compass is designed to tactically get you around the racecourse, no questions asked, at the price of a good globe compass. It has a large LCD display made for use with polarized sunglasses so you never have to worry about the sun disrupting your race. Totally self-contained and runs off solar permanent internal battery, you'll never have to worry about batteries.

TackTick Digital Compasses

TackTick by Raymarine has a range of products to fit your requirements. The Micro is a basic compass and countdown timer with dual screens to provide a clear view everywhere on the boat. Solar powered, shock resistant and totally waterproof- don't hit the racecourse without one! The compass kit includes a case, mast strap bracket and snap in cradle. Most one-design classes allow this compass.

The TackTick Race Master is a total instrument solution. The base unit features large dual screens that display your heading, shifts, line bias, and timer. Additional components are available to extend the system’s capabilities. Add a wind instrument (anemometer) to see apparent wind speed and direction. Combined with a paddle wheel transducer, the unit can display true wind speed, direction, boat speed.  TackTick offers all of these capabilities in a single thru-hull ‘triducer’ with boat speed, depth, and temperature.  Best of all, everything has its own solar panel and wireless transmitter so the entire system can operate without any wiring or requiring the boat to have an electrical system.

Velocitek Digital Compasses

Velocitek offers several digital compasses. You can find options that combine GPS speedometers, compasses and wind shift indicators as well as stand alone compasses with heading and start timers. Check out the Speedpuck, Prostart, or Shift along with a wide range of mounting accessories to fit your boat and mast for optimum performance sailing.


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