Sailing Tools, Knives and Tension Gauges

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More information on Tools, Knives and Tension Gauges:

Having the right tools is an important part of any job. For a sailor, there are a few staples you should stock your tool box with. Here you will find rigging equipment, splicing supplies, boating knives and multi-tools. Equip yourself with the best tools for all of your marine jobs.


APS keeps our shelves stocked with the best tools from the best brands. We carry all the rigging supplies, tools, tension gauges and more from Loos, Gill, Leatherman, Bainbridge, Forespar, Wichard, Spyderco, Stohlquist, FSE Robline, Marlow Ropes, Samson Ropes, Allen and RWO.


APS Rigging and Sail Repair Kits- APS sells pre-assembled kits with all the tools you need to properly splice and rig. You can also find kits to help you properly patch a sail. Save time and money with these DIY kits.

Doughnuts and Stopper Balls- Great for halyards, sheets, life lines, trapeze handles or sail protectors. There are lots of great uses for these stopper balls and doughnuts.

Knives- A good solid pocket knife is crucial for any sailor or water sportsman. Available in many different types and configurations, you can find a knife suitable for any situation.

Multi-Tools- Be ready to solve any problem big or small with a handy multi-tool. Equipped with the tools sailors care about, these pocket size tools have everything you need and more.

Rivet Guns- If you own a boat, you should own a rivet gun. Make repairs a snap with a rivet gun in your tool box.

Splicing Tools & Supplies- Interested in learning to do your own rigging? Check out our splicing tools and supplies. We offer everything you need, including how-to guides!

Tension Gauges- Make sure your standing rigging is properly tuned with these tension gauges. Available in both standard and metric.

Wire Cutting & Crimping- All the tools and accessories you need to crimp, cut, swage and secure your own wire rigging.


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