Sailboat Rivet Guns

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  • #64 Rivets for Laser - Stainless (10) LP91189

    #64 Rivets for Laser - Stainless (10 pack)



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  • Rivets - Stainless Steel (10)

    Rivets - Stainless Steel (10 pack)



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  • Pop Rivets for Aluminum Trim (50)

    Pop Rivets for Aluminum Trim (50 pack)

  • Rivets for Coaming (Pkg 13)

    Rivets for Coaming (13 pack)

  • #54 Rivets for Laser - Aluminum (10) LP91188

    #54 Rivets for Laser - Aluminum (10 pack)



    20% OFF

  • "Big Daddy" Rivet Gun

    Big Daddy Rivet Gun

  • HP-2 Rivet Gun - Heavy Duty

    HP-2 Rivet Gun - Heavy Duty

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More information on Rivet Guns:

When you are out sailing the last thing you want is things falling apart or breaking. When it comes to attaching hardware to spars or other metal pieces on the boat, riveting is the way to go.  You’ll find tons of places where rivets are the best mode of attachment whether you are sailing a Laser or a 40 foot cruiser. Make sure to keep your toolbox stocked with rivets and a trusty rivet gun.


Rivets are great for attaching hardware to metal. It creates a much more secure hold than screws would on things like aluminum masts or tillers. Rivets can also be used on carbon pieces, just be sure to use a metal backing plate.


Rivet guns are easy to use. Simply squeeze the handles after inserting the pin into the gun. As the handles are pushed together, the pin is drawn into the head, eventually snapping off leaving you with a clean and secure attachment.


APS carries standard and heavy duty rivet guns. Find the right one to help you get the job done.


For a more in-depth on how to use a rivet gun look check out the APS blog!

How to Replace Rivets


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