Sailing Splicing Tools and Supplies

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  • 3/16,  4mm Selma Fid

    Selma Fids

  • Selma Fids - Set of 5

    Selma Fids - Set of 5

  • Book: Splicing Manual

    Samson Ropes Splicing Manual

  • APS Pro Splicing Kit

    APS Pro Splicing Kit



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Items 1-16 of 36

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More information on Splicing Tools and Supplies:

A line splice involves connecting or interweaving strands of a line. There are many different styles and types that can be used for a variety of applications on your boat. You can splice virtually any line on your boat from sheets, to control lines to halyards.


Splicing lines on your boat can be a great way to take you running rigging to the next level. Splicing is a permanent way to attach shackles and create loops in your lines without tying bulky knots. Using splices also produces a much stronger finished product than a knot.


If you want to take splicing into your own hands, we have all the tools you need. These products are the very same our riggers trust here on the bench at APS.  We stock everything from fids, needles, whipping twine, thimbles and even a splicing manual to help you learn! You’ll find splicing and rigging supplies from all your favorite marine brands like Marlow, Samson Ropes and Bainbridge.


Need a little help? Get tips from the experts here at APS on our blog.

How to: Rope Cutter

How To:Terminate Line Ends at Home

Or contact our full service rigging shop and we'll do the splicing for you!


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