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APS Custom Jacklines

Our jack lines start with 1/4" dyneema line that is low stretch, abrasion resistant and has a 8600 lbs. tensile strength. We eye splice each end (one end can be shackled or luggage tagged and the other lashed and tensioned with some 1/8" dyneema line - sold sep.). We then cover the entire length with tubular Polyester webbing to protect the spectra line and keep it from rolling under your feet.

Tethers and harnesses are only as good as the jack lines to which they are attached. Jack lines are often too stretchy, especially those made of webbing. Remember that jack lines are meant to keep you on the boat, not trolling in the water behind it.

Consider terminating your jack lines at an aft point that is a whole tether length forward of the stern to minimize the danger of falling out of the stern of the boat while tethered.

Materials: 1/4" AmSteel 12 and 1" tubular webbing) (both sold separately). 

Note: The end eye splices on the ends will each consume two feet of AmSteel line each, so make sure you order your line long enough.  Webbing is ordered at the same finished total length of the finished jack line

Rigging Charge: $38.00 for jacklines under 25' in finished length.  $50.00 for jacklines over 25'.

Includes: Two 12 strand burmmel eye splices, webbing sleeved over the dyneema core with the ends seized, and shrink tubbing over webbing/line transition point to prevent harness clip snags.  Line and webbing sold seperately.

Practical Sailor concluded that ‘THESE ARE THE BEST CHOICE FOR BOATS 25 TO 55 FEET LONG’

How to Order Rigging

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