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More information on Drysuits, Wetsuits, & Wetwear:

Dry suits, wet suits, and wetwear are representative of the culmination of technology and experience in protecting yourself against the elements. When sailing in cooler weather, you’ll be grateful any of these pieces. These weather and water-resistant garments give sailors a physically protective boundary like a second skin that can make all the difference between an epic sea voyage and a personal maritime tragedy. 

APS is the world leader in outfitting sailors with apparel. We offer the top-of-line brands for drysuits, wetsuits, and wet wear including Ocean Rodeo, Kokatat, and Musto. Our vendors are making huge advances in waterproofing technology every year, helping us to help you stay comfortable and dry!


APS stocks all the top dry suit brands including Gill, Neil Pryde, Musto, Kokatat, and Ocean Rodeo! A proper dry suit makes all the difference between extending your season and sitting out.

Drysuits Seals & Maintenance:

Basic maintenance is essential keep your dry suit waterproof and in great condition. Wrist and ankle seals can degrade with age and use so watch our how-to video on installing your replacements. We have material safe fabric and zipper cleaners and conditions.

Junior & Kids:

Fully featured drysuits, wetsuits, & wetwear in youth sizes. These will keep the young sailor comfortable all day on the water no matter the conditions. Specifically designed with the dinghy sailor in mind. Youth sizes can be found in Zhik, Gill, and SLAM.


Extend your season and stay safe and comfortable with a well-fitting wetsuit.  APS stocks top manufacturers like Ronstan, Gill, Zhik, and Neil Pryde. These suits are designed with dinghy and small keelboat sailors in mind. Also available in Women's styles.

Wetsuit Maintenance:

Like all gear, maintenance is essential to keep your wetsuit performing its best. Our shampoo and odor eliminator is safe for the wet suit material. Or fix a mishap with a repair kit.


Lightweight, thin, and stretchy, wetwear is great when the situation doesn’t call for a thicker neoprene suit. Here at APS you can find the leaders in wetwear outfitters, SLAM, SEA, Gill and Zhik. Thermal rash guards keep you warm without bulk or restricted movement, while providing UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Also available in Women's styles.

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