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More information on Drysuits:

Designed to keep you fully protected against the elements, these 100% waterproof drysuits protect you against cold water, keeping casual boaters, keelboat sailors or dinghy sailors protected. The suit covers your whole body except your head and hands. Dry suits can be worn with a variety of clothing underneath. Base layers work well in warmer climates and thermal layers in colder temperatures.  A drysuit is easily paired with gloves, shoes, boots. With zippers that create a 100% waterproof seal, drysuits are great for colder climates in any boat from dinghies to trans ocean boats. APS stocks a great selection of drysuits for sale. We've even tested and reviewed them ourselves so you don't have to!


Gill Drysuits: 

Gill offers a great unisex drysuit as well as one specifically for women. Gill drysuits are a favorite among high school and college sailors. The knees and seat are reinforced to prevent wear and tear and help your drysuit last for several seasons. Glideskin neoprene wrist and neck seals are comfortably fitting while creating a waterproof seal. 100% waterproof and ultra durable, this is a great standard drysuit for any dinghy sailor.

Musto Drysuits:

Musto has drysuit solutions for all of your sailing needs. They offer both a HPX offshore drysuit as well as a MPX drysuit, great for dinghy sailing. Both drysuits utilize Gore-Tex to deliver a superior waterproof yet breathable fabric. Metal Dynat diagonal front zippers provide a long lasting and great quality seal. 

Ocean Rodeo Drysuits:

Ocean Rodeo redefines what you think a drysuit should be. We carry two options; Ocean Rodeo's Ignite and Heat suits. These suits are designed to give you options between "dry" and "standby" mode. Dry mode is 100% waterproof, while standby mode allows you to release the neck seal and dry zip for a more comfortable rest from activity.

Kokatat Drysuits:

Top of the line Kokatat drysuits are made with 100% waterproof Gore-tex. One of our most popular options, these front entry suits have latex gasket closures with neoprene collars and cuffs making sure you stay dry. Availble in both a men's frontzip and a women's drop seat version.

Neil Pryde Drysuits:  

Neil Pryde brings us two stellar drysuit choices. The Elite Curve and Eclipse. The Curve is equipped with the standard cross body zipper while the Eclipse has an innovative Orbit zip system positioned around the waist. Both nylon Aquaseal zippers deliver a waterproof secure seal. Quad 4x4 stretch fabric and fleece lined collars make these drysuits extremely comfortable and popular. 


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