Sailing Wetwear Shirts and Pants

Wet wear provides a variety of uses from sun protection, warmth or deck protection. Often made of neoprene, wet wear provides a range of warmth and protection against the elements. Wetwear is designed to fit like a ‘second-skin’. This made-to-get-wet gear is popular among dinghy or small keel and sport boats. The athletic fit allows a great range of motion - crucial when hopping from tack to tack. You can shop wet wear in a variety of styles and materials. Lighter styles suitable for warmer temperatures are often water resistant. Heavier cold weather options can be fleece lined, hydrophobic and waterproof. Styles range from full coverage tops, bottoms and suits to short sleeves, shorts and skiff suits. Wetwear also offers abrasion resistance in high wear areas to protect your skin from the deck.

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  • Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 1mm Long John

    Neil Pryde Elite Firewire 1mm Long John

  • DG4619 Gill Speedskin Top Graphite 1

    Gill Speedskin Top

  • DG4617 Gill Speedskin Trousers Graphite 1

    Gill Speedskin Trousers

  • Gill Mens FireCell Race Skiff Suit DGRS16

    Gill Race FireCell Skiff Suit

  • DG4523J Gill Hydrophobe Trousers Juniors Black 1

    Gill Hydrophobe Trousers Juniors

  • Gill Mens FireCell Race Long-Sleeve Top DGRS17

    Gill Race FireCell L/S Top

  • Zhik HydroBase Pant

    Zhik HydroBase Pant



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  • Zhik zSkin Top front

    Zhik ZSkin Top Men`s

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Items 1-16 of 37

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