Light Inshore Sailing Jakets and Pants

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  • Gill Inshore Lite Trousers (Waist Pants)

    Gill Inshore Lite Trousers (Waist Pants)



    39% OFF

  • Henri Lloyd Rio Jacket

    Henri Lloyd Rio Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Musto  Corsica Gilet (Vest)

    Musto Corsica Gilet (Vest)



    15% OFF

  • Musto EVO GTX Sardina Jacket

    Musto EVO GTX Sardina Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Musto LPX Gore-Tex Jacket

    Musto LPX Gore-Tex Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Atlantis Resolute Jacket

    Atlantis Resolute Jacket



    44% OFF

  • Musto Breathable Sardinia Gilet (Vest)

    Musto Breathable Sardinia Gilet (Vest)



    15% OFF

  • Musto Breathable Sardinia Jacket

    Musto Breathable Sardinia Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Henri Lloyd Rio Waist Pant

    Henri Lloyd Rio Waist Pant



    15% OFF

  • Gill Crew Lite Jacket

    Gill Crew Lite Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Gill Crew Jacket

    Gill Crew Jacket



    15% OFF

  • Pads For Gill Padded Sailing Shorts

    Pads For Gill Padded Sailing Shorts



    15% OFF

  • Gill Waterproof Waist Pant

    Gill Waterproof Waist Pant



    15% OFF

  • SLAM Force 1 Jacket

    SLAM Force 1 Jacket



    15% OFF

  • SLAM Summer Jacket

    SLAM Summer Jacket



    15% OFF

  • SLAM Force 1 Bibs

    SLAM Force 1 Bibs



    15% OFF

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Items 1-16 of 27

Set Descending Direction

More information on Light Inshore Foul Weather Gear:

The gear in the light inshore foul weather gear category is comprised of ideal all-purpose rain jackets and pants. Designed from hi-tech fabrics, this category brings the performance of this category's big brother (the Inshore group) in a lighter, more flexible package. You won't find trousers or salopettes here, only waist pants – this is the true, minimalistic gear you throw in your gear bag for chilly nights with that level of weather that happens before it really gets foul.

Musto Light Inshore Gear:

Musto's Corsica or Sardinia Jackets are breathable, waterproof, and durable. The main difference is that the Corsica is fleece lined, the Sardinia is mesh lined.

Zhik Light Inshore Gear

If you are looking for a minimalist style, Zhik's Aroshell brings it. It's windproof, waterproof, breathable and adjustable to keep you dry and comfortable. Atlantis' Resolute Jacket and Watch Jacket also sport a very sharp, clean profile and a waterproof/breathable shell.

SLAM Light Inshore Gear:

SLAM has the lightweight Force 1 Jacket and Bibs that are fully waterproof. They also have the fashionable Summer Jacket and Vest that are showerproof and great to have on a cool race or at the regatta party. SLAM has a European fit and is great for the more slender among us.

Gill Light Inshore Gear:

Gill's entry in this group is the Crew Jacket which is great for team gear and is a great all around, casual jacket.


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