Sailing Hiking Pants, Belts, & Harnesses

Sailing Hiking Pants & Harnesses

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  • Airprene Hiking Pant: Waist-lock Pants

    Airprene Hiking Pant: Waist-lock Pants

  • ZhikSkin Micro Fleece: Pants

    ZhikSkin Micro Fleece: Pants

  • Gill Pro Hikers

    Gill Pro Hikers



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  • Gill Wetsuit Trousers

    Gill Wetsuit Trousers



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Items 1-16 of 70

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More information on Hiking Pants, Belts and Harnesses:

Hiking a lifeline is invigorating and a skill practiced by any serious sailor. The importance of proper equipment when hiking can't be underestimated in terms of safety and efficiency. There are many accessories that increase the effectiveness and security when hiking, including specially designed hiking pants and shorts, harnesses and tethers. Also available are spandex or Lycra protective layers to go over hiking accessories to protect and add abrasion resistance.


In addition to great hiking apparel, there are necessary hiking accessories. Trapeze and droop harnesses keep you strapped in to your trap wire, hands free. Offshore tethers and jacklines are a mandatory part of your gear bag when doing distance races, so don’t leave the dock without one!


APS is the world leader in outfitting sailors. We stock only the best hiking pants, belts and harnesses from the best vendors. Check out our selections from Gill, Spinlock, Harken, Crewsaver, Neil Pryde, Optiparts, RonstanRWO, Sea SureZhik.


Bosun's Chairs- Get to the top of the rig safely with any of the bosun’s chairs on sale at APS. These seats will take you and your tools up the mast safely and efficiently.

Droop Harnesses- Different than the standard trapeze harness, the droop harnesses are used on Stars, Ynglings, Solings and other one design boats.

Droop Hiking Suits- With more coverage than the typical hiking suit, these neoprene body suits are favored by Star, Finn, and Soling sailors.

Foredeck & Mast Harnesses- If you’re looking for something a little more secure to your body than a bosun’s chair, a mast harness is for you. Perfect for getting to the top of the mast safely and securely.

Hiking Belts- Made for use on keelboats, these belts will protect your waist and hips from the lifelines. Crucial for those windy days out on the rail.

Hiking Shorts & Pants- Great for dinghy sailing, hiking shorts and pants provide support and cushioning on the backs of your thighs. Sold in many different styles so you can find the pair just right for you and your sailing endeavors.

Junior Hikers- The same great hiking pants, shorts and suits by your favorite brands- sold in junior sizes!

Offshore Harnesses, Tethers & Jacklines- Stay safe and on the deck with these offshore necessities. Tethers and jacklines will keep you from slipping off the boat on those harrowing ocean races while harnesses can be found in inflatable or non-inflatable versions, giving your tether something to hook on to.

Spandex & Lycra Protective Layers- When you’re looking for something to protect your skin against weather, gelcoat, grip tape and non-skid decking- these layers will be your go to gear.

Trapeze Harnesses- Trap harnesses support your back and shoulders and allow you to sit back into them while hiking. Available in many styles, perfect for any trapeze equipped dinghy.


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