Sailing Hiking Shorts and Pants

Great for dinghy sailing, hiking shorts and pants provide support and cushioning on the backs of your thighs. Hiking shorts and pants for sailing allow you to protect and support yourself when hiking -   crucial for hardcore dinghy sailors. Typically constructed of lightweight, UV resistant materials, hiking gear must be flexible enough to accommodate all the movement and motions hiking out requires. Hiking pants and shorts need to be quick drying and reinforced with extremely durable materials to prevent abrasions and burns from non-skid decks. Available in many configurations: removable pads, battened pads or neoprene padding.

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  • ZhikSkin Micro Fleece: Pants front

    ZhikSkin Micro Fleece: Pants

  • Gill Wetsuit Hiking Trousers front

    Gill Wetsuit Hiking Trousers



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  • Gill Wetsuit Hiking Shorts front

    Gill Wetsuit Hiking Shorts

  • Gill Rash Shorts

    Gill Rash Shorts

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