Offshore Harnesses, Tethers and Jacklines

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More information on Offshore Harnesses, Tethers & Jacklines:

Available in a number of arrangements specific to the individual's body type and necessary functions. Tethers and jacklines are made of technologically advanced materials and made to detailed specifications to prevent overloading due to their relevance in terms of safety and security. Harnesses to be attached to tethers or jacklines are adjustable. High-end lines of sailing harnesses have been designed for freedom of movement while clipped in, without jeopardizing safety. Generally fabricated with super-light materials, offshore harnesses are highly adjustable to fit over foulies or sailing clothes. Many inflatable PFDs also double as a harness to ensure safety, just in case you wind up overboard.


APS stocks the best of the best when it comes to offshore harness, tether and jackline technology. Check out some of our favorite products.

Spinlock Harnesses & Tethers:

When safety is number one, Spinlock is the only option. For a system that works perfectly together, you can’t go wrong with any of the options they have engineered.  If you’re looking for a harness that will save your life in more ways than one, check out the Deckvest 5D Pro-Sensor. This inflatable PDF comes equipped with a harness to keep you attached to the boat and inflates just in case you wind up in the water.

Wichard Tethers and Jacklines:

There are a lot of tethers out there and some simply stand above the rest. The Wichard 3 hook tether is one that trule stands out. The two inboard hooks ensure that you’re always connected while the elasticated strap allows freedom of movement. A snap shackle allows the point of attachment to your harness providing a quick release option should you go overboard.

Crewsaver Harnesses:

Designed to be worn on top of your foulies or gear, Crewsaver harnesses can be found in sizes for both children and adults. A barebones harness with a stainless steel D ring attachment point is exactly what you need to keep you connected to your tether.

APS Jacklines:

You’ve got your tether. You’ve got your harness. You’ve got your PFD. What else? You need a jackline! That tether won’t do you any good without a connection point! Use a custom made jackline from APS on your next offshore adventure.


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