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  • Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness

    Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness

  • Gill Trapeze Harness

    Gill Trapeze Harness



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  • Ronstan Racing Trapeze harness

    Ronstan Racing Trapeze harness

  • RWO QRH Replacement Hook

    RWO QRH Replacement Hook

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More information on Trapeze Harnesses:

Designed for hiking off a trapeze rigged boat, trapeze harnesses are designed to support your back and shoulders while remaining useful to the hiking process. Trapezing boats allow you to stand on the edge or gunnels, extend your body and hike the boat flat all while connected to a wire attached midway up the mast. Harnesses for trapezing boats allow you to sit back into them while providing lower and upper back stability. Available with a wide range of adjustments and hook arrangements, trapeze harnesses are a necessary part for racing most dinghy boats.


APS stocks a variety of trapeze harnesses and replacement hooks, frames and plates. Check out our options from top of the line sailing accessory, apparel and hardware brands like Ronstan, Zhik and RWO.


Don’t be caught unprepared or sailing with illegal equipment. ISAF rule 40.2 now requires trapeze harnesses to have a quick release device to protect sailors for getting trapped after a capsize or collision. Buy your quick release hook from RWO here.


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