Sailing Life Jackets, PFD's, Buoyancy Aids and Tethers

Sailing life jackets, or PFDs (Personal Flotation Devices), keep you afloat in a head-up position.  They are available in foam vests or compact inflatable styles.  PFDs for adults and juniors are sized by buoyancy weight and chest size.  Some inflatable PFDs come with attachment points for a tether. Jacklines, tethers and harnesses are available for offshore sailing to ensure you always stay attached to the vessel.   Most life jackets are U.S. Coast Guard approved, but buoyancy aids are not.

APS Advisor How to Choose the Right Type of Sailing PFD

APS Advisor Understanding the Different Types of Life Jackets

APS Advisor Guide to Choosing Inflatable Life Jackets

APS Advisor What is a Sailing Buoyancy Aid?

APS Advisor Guide to Choosing a Foam Sailing Life Jacket

APS Advisor How to Choose Life Jackets for Kids and Infants

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  • mustang inflatable mit 100 pfd automatic black

    Mustang MIT 100 Inflatable PFD - Automatic

  • mustang inflatable rearm kit

    Mustang Inflatable Re-Arm Kit

  • mustang inflatable rearm kit elite 38

    Mustang Inflatable Re-Arm Kit for Elite 38

  • spinlock deckvest duro 170n black front

    Spinlock Deckvest DURO 170N

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