Sailing Jackets and Foul Weather Gear


APS’s extensive selection of foul weather gear ensures you can outfit yourself to be dry in the rain, warm in the cold and comfortable no matter the marine conditions.  Jackets and trousers are waterproof and breathable, and designed to keep you dry for specific sailing situations in terms of boat type, whether you are racing or cruising, the duration of your sailing and the weather conditions.  Warmth is a factor of how you layer under your foul weather gear – multiple layers give you multiple and the best insulation options. 

Sailing Jackets and Foul Weather Gear

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  • Zhik Aroshell Coastal BibTrouser

    Zhik Aroshell Coastal BibTrouser

  • Musto BR1 Breathable Trousers

    Musto BR1 Breathable Trousers

  • Gill Thermal Dinghy Top

    Gill Thermal Dinghy Top

  • Musto HPX Gore-Tex Dry Suit - XL, Gold

    Musto HPX Gore-Tex Dry Suit - XL, Gold



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Items 1-16 of 126

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More information on Foul Weather Gear & Rain Jackets:

Whether you’re crossing the Atlantic Ocean or taking the family Sunfish for a cruise off of the beach, APS has the right set of sailing gear for you.


When it comes to sailing in bad weather, the biggest priority is keeping comfortable and staying dry. Staying dry is a breeze; Almost all of the gear that we have in this section is 100% waterproof, meaning that the materials are impervious to water and the garment will act like a protective shell around you. But keeping you comfortable depends on making the right choice about that type of sailing you’ll be doing. You won’t want or need all of the protection of an offshore jacket or coastal trousers if you’re sailing a Laser; conversely, you won’t to find yourself too far from land in lightweight rain gear.


APS is the world leader in outifitting sailors for their on-the-water sailng adventures. Look no further for your nezt boating jacket. We carry all of the best foul weather gear and rain jacket options from the top vendors: Musto, Gill, Henri Lloyd, Zhik and SLAM. The key word being "best" - we don't carry every option from our vendors, just the best ones. We can also customize your gear with embroidery or heat-applied vinyl from CRUGEAR.

Buoy Racing & High Tech

Buoy Racing/High Tech is made with lightweight, highly breathable fabrics that have an athletic cut and minimalistic features to let a racing sailor move quickly.Also available in Women’s styles.


Coastal foul weather gear is designed with the coastal passagemaker and distance racer in mind. Also available in Women’s styles.

Dinghy & Small Boat Racing Gear

Dinghy and Small Boat jackets and bibs are the most popular and versatile gear available; perfect for Lasers to doing bow on big boats. Also available in Women’s styles.


The Inshore range is perfect for sailors who do a bit of racing and/or a bit of venturing beyond the seawall. Also available in Women’s styles.

Light Inshore

Light Inshore gear is a collection of lightweight offerings that are versatile enough for use as a rain jacket for walking the dog to hiking on a warmer spray-filled windy day. Also availble in Women’s styles.


Ocean gear is ideal for extended offshore and ocean use over consecutive days and weeks in the harshest conditions.


Offshore Gear is designed with the offshore passagemaker and racer in mind. Also available in Women’s styles.

Junior’s & Kid’s

Our selection of foul weather sailing outfits for junior sailors is sure to protect your younger sailor from the elements when they hit the water.

Waterproofing & Cleaning

A range of cleaning and waterproofing products to keep your gear performing at its best. 


For more sailing attire from APS, check out our entire Apparel Section.

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