Sailing Foul Weather Gear - Jackets, Trousers & Smocks

Foul weather gear is designed as an outer ‘shell’ built to keep water out (waterproof) while also moving perspiration away from your body (breathable). This combination of moisture management is ideal for keeping you dry and warm. These foul weather gear pieces can be worn through various seasons when matched with the proper base layers. All gear in this category is waterproof and offers varying degrees of breathability to ensure your comfort in just about any weather and sailing conditions from moderate to severe.  These jackets, trousers, and smocks are not for water submersion (See: wetsuits and dry suits).  You should choose your gear based on the type of sailing you are doing: Ocean, Offshore, Coastal, Inshore, Light Inshore, Dinghy Racing and Buoy Racing.

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  • Gill Women's Navigator Jacket

    Gill Women's Navigator Jacket

  • Gill Intensive Spot Cleaner bottle

    Gill Intensive Spot Cleaner

  • rs21_bluegraphite_1

    Gill Race Ocean Jacket

  • Gill Race Ocean Trousers

    Gill Race Ocean Trousers

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