Inshore Sailing Jackets and Trousers

Inshore sailing occurs in more protected waters like lakes, rivers and bays and is generally considered day sailing. The jackets and trousers in this category are waterproof and breathable, and are perfect for the rain and spray you may encounter while inshore sailing.  These jackets feature medium height collars and often stowable hoods. Many styles serve very well as onshore rain jackets too. 


APS Advisor Expert Advice Guide to Choosing Foul Weather Gear           APS Advisor Choosing Inshore Sailing Foul Weather Gear

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  • Henri Lloyd Energy Jacket blue

    Henri Lloyd Energy Jacket

  • Gill IN12 Coast Trousers Men's

    Gill IN12 Coast Trousers Men`s



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  • Gill IN12 Coast Jacket white

    Gill IN12 Coast Jacket Men`s



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  • Musto BR1 Breathable Trousers

    Musto BR1 Breathable Trousers

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