Light Inshore Sailing Jackets and Pants

Inshore sailing occurs in more protected waters like small lakes, rivers and bays. The gear in this category is waterproof and breathable, and designed to keep you dry from passing weather or as you seek a protected harbor during extended bad weather.  This is the lightest weight of all the foul weather gear categories, and comfortable to wear any time.  You won't find trousers or salopettes here, only waist high pants.  Inshore gear can take you from the boat to the dock to cruising around town making it a versatile rain suit.

APS Advisor Expert Advice The Definitive Guide to Choosing Foul Weather Gear

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  • Gill Race Waterproof Jacket

    Gill Race Waterproof Jacket



    44% OFF

  • Gill Marina Jacket  red

    Gill Marina Jacket

  • Musto Corsica BR1 Jacket sulphur

    Musto Corsica BR1 Jacket Men's

  • SLAM Summer Jacket black

    SLAM Summer Jacket



    40% OFF

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Items 1-16 of 29

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