Sailing Rain Jackets, Vests, and Pants

Whether you need light weather protection on the boat or just walking around town, our collection of sailing jackets, vests and pants will provide you stylish comfort from cooler temperatures, light rains and fresh breezes.

Soft shells, made of knit or woven materials bridge the gap between highly breathable but not water resistant fleece pieces, and the waterproof and breathable features of ‘hard’ shells – warmth, water resistant and breathable.   Hard shells made of nylon or polyester are water resistant or waterproof; uninsulated pieces for warm weather, and insulated shells for cooler days.  All are good choice on the boat, around town or any outdoor activity.  Choose from the categories below.

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  • Henri Lloyd Breeze Vest

    Henri Lloyd Breeze Vest

  • Gill Waterproof Waist Pant silver

    Gill Waterproof Waist Sailing Pant

  • Gill Race Trousers

    Gill Race Trousers

  • Gill Marina Jacket  red

    Gill Marina Jacket



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Items 1-16 of 47

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