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Sailing Shorts and Pants

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    Gill UV Tec Shorts

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    Gill Race Sailing Shorts

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More information on Sailing Technical Shorts and Pants:

A sailor's apparel is necessary for comfort on the water. Technical sailing shorts and pants are designed to withstand varying degrees of weather and wear. Whether you're sailing for recreation or professionally, shorts and pants designed for the sport are key. They come with or without padding, in water resistant and quick drying fabrics with UV resistance available in men or women’s styling. For all day comfort, technical shorts and pants are a necessary part of your apparel.


Padded and non-padded technical shorts come in all styles and variations. Padded shorts are intended to increase the level of comfort while sailing long days. The protective padding is removable, fitting into a designated pocket in the seat of the shorts, complementing durable materials on the clothing's exterior. Reinforced with high-grade, tear resistant fabrics in the seat. Though non-padded technical shorts don't come with removable protective padding, the pairs are reinforced through the seat similar to padded technical shorts. Reinforcing the seat of technical shorts with high-quality, non-skid materials helps to keep sailors firmly seated on slick surfaces.


The design options of technical pants, in terms of pattern, color and breathability, are similar to those available for technical sailing shorts. The benefit of pants is reinforced knees with durable materials, shaped to prevent stretching. Sailing pants will have more pockets than sailing shorts, strategically placed for ease of access and resistance to snagging.


Despite differences in the design of technical sailing shorts with or without pads and technical sailing pants, nearly all models boast some similar characteristics. Water-resistant fabrics and sleek, snag resistant cuts are integral to effectiveness and comfort. Mesh lining, adjustable waistbands and zip or Velcro closures on all pockets and compartments are common. In addition to the use of waterproof materials, technical shorts and pants should all be constructed of breathable material that dries quickly. Most companies will implement UV-resistant treatments to prevent sunburn during prolonged exposure on the water.

APS offers top of the line technical pants and shorts for men and women from the best retailers in sailing apparel from Musto, Gill, Henri Lloyd, Camet, Neil Pryde, SLAM and Zhik.


Kid's Sailing & Technical- Find the best options of sailing shorts and pants in a size perfect to fit your smaller sailor.

Non-Padded Shorts- The best selection of non-padded shorts for performance sailing. These quick dry and water resistant shorts are perfect for the deck of the boat, the deck at the yacht club and everywhere in between. Also available in Women’s styles.

Padded Shorts- Often designed in the same styles as the non-padded versions, these shorts come with a bonus of permanent or removable seat pads. Great to transition from the boat to the bar. Find quick dry and spandex options. Also available in Women’s styles.

Waterproof Shorts- When being merely water resistant just won’t cut it, check out our selection of fully waterproof shorts. These breathable yet water repellent shorts options will keep you comfortable all day long.

Technical Pants- Great for a cooler day on the water, technical pants have abrasion resistant knees and seats as well as UV protection. Save your skin with these full coverage options. Pants can be found in  quick dry, waterproof and water resistant fabrics as well as padded or unpadded options. Also available in Women’s styles.


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