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Sailing gifts that will be worn and appreciated.  Add to your sailor’s wardrobe from our selection items from popular brands that any sailor would love to add to their ‘Kit’.

APS Advisor Top Sailing Clothing and Accessory Gift Ideas

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Top Clothing & Accessory Gift Ideas for Sailors

Winter or summer it's important to have the right gear.  Help the sailor on your gift list be prepared in sun or snow for their next outing on the boat.  APS has picked the top 5 clothing and accessory gift ideas for you. These gifts are guaranteed hits for the sailor, sportsman or nautical enthusiast in your life. 





Kaenon S-Core and Stinson Polarized Sunglasses

One thing every sailor enjoys is a great pair of sunglasses.  Not only important for protecting your eyes from the sun, they also help sailors see the wind. The polarization and clarity of modern lenses allow the human eye to detect the movements of wind on the water with high precision and contrast. Kaenons are a great example of high-quality lens that sailors look for. These Kaenon S-Core and Stinson Polarized Sunglasses were designed to be worn by both men and women with a variety of face shapes.

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Outdoor Research Seattle Sombrero

Whether you’re looking for a warm fleece beanie or something to keep the sun out of their eyes - hats are always a great accessory for sailors. This Seattle Sombrero from outdoor research was designed specifically for use while sailing in monsoon- like conditions. The shell fabric offers waterproof protection and the brushed lining wicks perspiration away from the skin. Plus, the chin cord with cordlock will keep it secure when the wind picks up. 

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Gill Longsleeve Zip Neck Tech Shirt- Men's and Women's

Every sailor is always in need of more tech shirts- they are an essential when layering under foul weather gear during the colder months, and they work to manage moisture to keep the wearer dry in warmer months. These ¼ Zip Gill long sleeve tech shirts come in both a men’s and women’s fit, and can be worn as a stand-alone piece or as a base layer. 

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Camet Nantucket Sailing Shorts

These Nantucket Sailing Shorts from Camet are one of the most popular shorts we offer- for good reason too!  These durable shorts are quick-drying and feature a DWR (durable water repellent) finish. The seat is reinforced, and the waist has adjustable Velcro straps for a comfortable fit every time. 

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top sailing clothing and accessory gift picks.


I'm going to start off with these. This is from Kaenon, our best selling brand of sunglasses here at APS. This is the Stinson. This is a unisex frame. It's available in different frame colors, and of course, the full assortment of Kaenon lenses. Let me try these on. Haven't seen myself in the mirror. These come with a soft and a hard case. Stinson, from Kaenon.


This is a personal favorite of mine. I've had one of these since we first discovered these, maybe 10 years ago. This is the Seattle Sombrero by OR, Outdoor Research. This is a Gore-Tex hat. It's waterproof breathable. If you can imagine just a deluge, and you've got your foul weather gear jacket zipped up without the hood, the water just cascades right off the side, doesn't go down the neck of your jacket. You can literally be in drizzle or just a straight down downpour all day long, and this stuff is not going down your jacket. Wonderful for hiking, walking around town, on the boat.


Some of the features of this hat. If you still need a hat, but it's not quite that nasty out, you actually can just Velcro up the sides here. Instead of hard snaps, you're using soft, flexible, Velcro. On the inside, a couple of things, it's got an adjustable chin strap. A feature I didn't really choose to use, and they anticipated that. You don't have to cut it off. You actually just untie it on either side, and it's off the hat. The inside is a micro fleece. These are available in multiple sizes. Once you've gotten your size, then you get this nice little feature, you get to custom fit it to your hat size. Velcro adjustment in the back that runs all the way around, just size it for the perfect fit. Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research.


 Another staff favorite, another favorite of mine, I have a couple of these. This is the Gill Long Sleeve Zip Neck Tec shirt. It's available in men's and women's. This is the men's. It's a long sleeve tec shirt. It is kind of a waffley material. It makes it very breathable. It's quick drying, and offers great sun protection, not only the material but the cut, because of this mock neck here, and the use of this micro zipper which keeps the zipper from being abrasive. They've done a nice job on the inside of this neck, protecting the seaming here from chaffing against your neck, and this soft material. If you're in some intense sun, you zip that all the way up, you've got good protection all the way up to the lower neck. The styling on these, available in a couple different colors with the contrasting stitching, with the Gill logo here, and here on the back. This is the men's, and this is the women's in the same type of styling.


Lastly, again, a top pick, here, at APS, and one of my favorites. This is the Nantucket short by Camet. It is a Supplex nylon short which means that it's quick drying. It's nice and light. It comes with a DWR finish which helps repel water initially. It has nice deep pockets on either side. Additionally, on both sides it has these cargo pockets. This seems like kind of an odd thing, but I have had so many pairs of Camets, and I've never had a problem with the button, because they use a really robust button that's really sewn on tightly. The zipper they use, here, is a medium to micro zipper, so it's very flexible. I know it's a small feature, but these are the kinds of things, over the life of a product like this, that really start to make the difference. Has belt loops all the way around. If you don't want to use a belt, you put the shorts on, reach to either side of the waist, and just Velcro it down using this flat line Velcro adjustment.


 As with almost all Camet shorts, we've got a Cordura reinforced seat, here, for abrasion protection. If you're going to be sitting on a hard surface all day long, you can get the optional pads. Before you put these on, you just open this Velcro, slide the pad in, Velcro it shut, and then put the shorts on. Because it's two separate pieces, it'll articulate around you. You can also put two sets of pads in if you need. I know that the first time that I went snowboarding, I did that, and I was very happy about it. Again, the Nantucket short from Camet. For these and all your gift needs, visit us at



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