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 Sailing gadgets make interesting and exciting gifts.  We have assembled the latest selection of electronic nautical accessories that offer much in the way of utility, but even more importantly offer something your sailor gets to tinker with again and again.


APS Advisor Top Sailing Electronics and Gadget Gift Ideas

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  • Davis Snap Tool Deck Plate Key & Multi-Tool

    Davis Snap Tool Deck Plate Key & Multi-Tool

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Top Sailing Gadget and Electronics Gift Ideas

Perfect for the tech wiz in your life, these gizmos and gadgets are not only useful, but just plain cool. These electronic gifts for the gadget loving sailor will ensure loads of entertainment and smooth sailing for many seasons to come.





Ronstan Clear Start Sailing Watch 

This Clear Start Sailing Watch from Ronstan has been designed specifically for the racing sailor in mind; key features of this watch include are the large buttons, easy to read display, and sync mode. This would make a great gift for the sailor who needs a new gadget to help them keep track of time while they’re out racing.

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Velocitek Shift

This device, the Velocitek Shift, was designed to assist sailors in intuitively tracking wind shifts, features a smooth and instantly responsive compass, as well as a countdown timer among other features. This gift will definitely be appreciated by gadget-loving racing sailors. 

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Sailor Bags Chesapeake Ipad Case

This Chesapeake Ipad case from Sailor Bags is the perfect gift for those sailors who can’t bear to part with their devices while they go out on the water. Made from real sail cloth, these cases are stylishly nautical theme as well as practical! Comes in two colors; red and blue- one sure to please the sailor in your life.

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EcoxGear EcoPebble Lite Waterproof Speaker

The EcoPebble Lite from EcoxGear are mini portable completely waterproof speakers- a great gift idea for music lovers who want to listen to some tunes while out on the water or just relaxing on the beach. Connects to any electronic device through Bluetooth and features a lithium battery that lasts for & hours!

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GoBag Dolphin Dry Bag for Phones

This Dolphin Dry Bag from GoBag is an easy way to transform any regular phone into a waterproof phone- even take pictures underwater with it! This gift will be appreciated by everyone, as most everyone brings their phones on board these days- and with this dry bag water damage is a worry of the past. Even better, the phone remains fully functional while in the bag!

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top gift picks when it comes to sailing electronics and gadgets.

Let's start off with one of our most popular sailing watches here at APS. This is the Ronstan Clear Start Watch. Waterproof and would be appreciated by any sailor, especially a racing sailor. Large digit read out here. Large buttons that are accessible on the side. Has all the features for countdown syncing, anything that you'd want, available in a couple of different colors. The Clear Start Sailing Watch by Ronstan.

Again, on the racing side of things for small to medium size boats, the Velocitek Shift. If you're looking to improve your boat's and your crew's performance, this is wonderful. Mast mount, will give you countdown, compass heading, shifts, there's so much information. Very accessible buttons. We have a full length expert review of this on our website. I encourage you to check it out for more information, but if you know somebody who's racing and looking to improve their performance and they don't have one of these, let me tell you they'd be smiling if that was in their stocking. Check out our website for a little bit more information on that one.

Let's see, sailor bags, this is new for us. This is just a cool I-pad case made of Sunbrella material here. Pretty straight forward, nice and padded, soft material, a little side zip here. If somebody's got an I-pad and they want to be able to just toss it around, that's with a nice sailing theme would be really appreciated I think.

Ecoxgear Pebble, this is a Bluetooth speaker. These are new for us. These are available in two sizes. This is the larger one, there's the light size. This sucker is rubber coated, it'll take a drop, it floats, it's obviously waterproof, it's also hands free. It has a microphone so once it's paired Bluetooth with your phone, you can actually have a hands free conversation. It's got the very accessible buttons here for your volume, on, off, and pairing, and then for changing out your batteries in the back. Ecoxgear Pebble Bluetooth speaker.

This is a cool product to protect electronics. These are available in a number of different sizes. This is the Go Bag Dolphin Dry Bag, sure dry bags have been out for a long time. This one's cool because it's so easy to get in and out of. It's a magnetic seal, so there's the first magnetic seal and now the second one, and you can see all the magnets in there. All you have to do is drop your phone in here, and that's it. It just seals itself. Floats, there's none of this messing with a big zip lock kind of closure, really practical, and the phone can be operated from inside the case here.



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