Sailing Inspired Nautical Gifts for Business Clients & Associates

Business gifts are appropriate during the holiday season as well as year round for celebrating milestones and relationships. When trying to decide who to gift, remember those who make your company successful.  This includes vendors, clients, co-workers, employees and even some service providers.  These classy nautical gifts will be appreciated and proudly displayed for years to come on their office desk, wall or shelf.

APS Advisor  Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for Business Clients & Associates

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Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for Business Clients and Associates

Gift giving is all about spreading joy and gratitude. No matter what business you're in, there's no better way to say thank you than with a classy nautical gift. These top 5 gifts are perfect to adorn the desk or walls of any client, co-worker or colleague. Let us help you navigate your gifting with these gifts for Business Clients and Associates.




The Weather Station

The Weather Station

A cut above the rest, this Weather Station is a beautifully crafted gift. Any boater or nautical enthusiast would appreciate this great piece to display on their wall. With a clock, barometer and comfortmeter mounted in mahogany, this gift will remind your clients and associates of the clear skies ahead in your business dealings.

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Looking for something unique? Help set you and your company apart with this Chrome Stormglass from Weems & Plath. A unique weather predicting device invented in the 1750's. The Stormglass's history makes it a great conversation piece, while the chrome finish adds a touch of class to any home or office. Comes in an elegant black gift box also!

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Solaris Desk Clock

This eye-catching Solaris brass Desk Clock is a stunning time piece sure to make a statement in any office. A gimbaled design allows the precision quartz clock to swivel for any viewing angle- or be locked in place much like historic gimbals that allowed clocks to travel safely at sea.

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Weems and Plath Compass Chart Weight - Brass

Compass Chart Weight

Simple gestures go a long way in the business world. Weems and Plath's chart weights are available in a variety of styles so you can find the prefect touch for your client or co-workers desk. They'll remember you and your company long after the deals are done. Offfered in a brass or nickel finish.

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Elegant Wooden Box for Chart Weight

This Elegant Wooden Box is a professional and polished way to gift any of the Weems and Plath Chart weights. Place the Chart weight in this beautiful mahogany box for a more finished, refined appearance- a fittingly elegant presentation for a truly thoughtful gift.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top nautical gift picks for business clients and associates. I'm going to start off with this from Weems and Plath. This is the weather station. We have the barometer at the top, clock, a hygrometer, and we have a thermometer down here. These are encased in a brass accent and on a solid wood base. This is wall hung and quite a nice looking piece, again from Weems and Plath, the weather station.


Talking about weather, here's another weather predictor but in a completely different way. It's kind of a curiosity piece but it's also practical. This is the storm glass. This is in chrome. It's also available in brass. It's kind of weather at a glance. Inside of here is a material, a suspended material, that crystallizes depending on the barometric pressure. They give you this nice little guide here, and depending on how dense they are you can, at a glance, tell what the weather is, whether it's clear, or it's going to be rainy, and so forth. They give you a couple of different accessories because the base, this is a solid metal piece, screws right off and you can screw these pieces in their place for either hanging or for attaching right to a fixed point permanently. The storm glass from Weems and Plath.


This is a statement piece. This is the Solaris quartz clock. It's a desk clock. It is solid brass and very substantial, has a glass base here. It's fully gimbaled and lockable on the sides here. As I mentioned, it's a quartz clock, so whether it's on the desk, on a bookshelf, quite an amazing looking piece.


Sticking with the desk accents, another piece from Weems and Plath. This is their chart weight. It's available in either the solid ... It's all solid metal. This is the chrome finish. They have solid brass also. This is an actual working compass. It has a felt backing. If you are impressed with this and want to take it up a notch, there is a solid wood presentation box that's available for these. It's called the Elegant Wooden Box. This is plushly lined, solid wood, comes with a brass placard here. As an example, this one has been engraved, which is an option for you.

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