Sailing Gifts for Kids & Juniors

Kids who sail love getting sailing gear as gifts.  Our collection of gear will keep them protected and comfortable, so sailing remains fun and grows into a lifetime activity for them.  When not on the water, let them enjoy a sailing game to stay connected to the water.

APS Advisor  Top Saling Gift Ideas for Kids & Junior Sailors

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Top Gift Ideas for Kids and Junior Sailors

 Not only are batteries not included in this ultimate sailing gift list for kids, they're not even needed.  2016 Top 5 Sailing Gift Ideas for Kids & Juniors Give your kids the gift of sailing adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.To help you get started we've pulled together our Top 5 Gifts for Kids & Juniors that will get your budding sailor out on the water, staying safe, looking cool and having fun.


Top 5 Sailing Gift Ideas for Kids & Juniors

 Gill IN12 Junior Coastal Jacket

Gill IN12 Junior Coastal Jacket Perfect for the cruising or keelboat sailing kid, the Gill IN12 Junior collection is a great option for entry level coastal/inshore gear. Made from a durable waterproof and breathable fabric, with fully taped seams and a non-absorbent and quick-drying lining. Fleece lined pockets for extra warmth and reflective patches for safety make this kit a winner. Trousers available.

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Zhik Sailing Beanie

Junior Zhik Sailing Beanie red gray Zhik Sailing Beanie Look cool and stay warm. The Zhik Sailing Beanie has a plush fleece lining and secure fit. Long enough to comfortably cover the ears, this beanie promises warmth on the coldest sailing days. Available in a range of colors any kid would love.

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Gill Squad Junior Sunglasses

Gill Squad Women`s/Jr. Sunglasses Gill Squad Junior Sunglasses Nervous to invest in a decent pair of shades for your kid? Worry no more. The Gill Junior Sunglasses are designed to float, lowering the risk of being lost forever. With smaller frames to fit junior faces, the Squad sunglasses are shatter resistant and scratchproof. Designed for life on the water and anything your sailor will throw at them.

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Gill Junior Dinghy Top

Gill Dinghy Top Junior Gill Junior Dinghy Top If your smaller sailor is interested in Optimist or dinghy sailing, this top is the number one solution. The Gill Junior Dinghy top is a smock style waterproof built with smaller boats in mind. A must have for kids looking to extend their season into fall and spring. Trousers are available to complete the junior kit.

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Harken Spectrum Sailing Gloves

Harken Spectrum Sailing Gloves Junior 3/4 Finger Harken Spectrum Sailing Gloves Made for tiny hands, the Harken Junior sailing gloves are lightweight and durable. Designed in 2 colors to suit your smaller sailor’s preference, these gloves are perfect for protecting hands on Optimists, dinghies, or the family sailboat.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top five gift picks for sailing juniors and kids.


I'm going to start here with the Gill Squad sunglass sized appropriately for juniors and these have UV lenses in them and they float. Right here on either side you can see that this has foam flotation actually molded right into in, so if they do go overboard, they'll come back to the surface and be waiting for you. Great piece on the water, great piece on land no matter what the activity on a sunny day.


Wintertime, having a warm beanie. This one by Zihk, very popular in our store, comes in a number of different colors. This has a nice tight woven nylon exterior and inside is a plush polyester fleece. It's a practical piece in that it's long enough you can get it down over your ears and keep yourself warm while looking good. The Zihk beanie.


The Harken Spectrum gloves. These junior gloves were designed from scratch for juniors. These aren't just a triple extra small adult glove. Everything about these was optimized for smaller sailors' hand. Some of the features included this reinforced area. It's got a grippy material, has appropriately sized Velcro adjustments, stretch panels built in. These are available in three sizes and two colors, a really practical piece for anybody who's doing a fair amount of sailing.


Tops. For the dinghy sailor or for the person who likes to ride their bike in the rain and not get wet. These are very popular. It's a waterproof, breathable dinghy smock. It has a front pouch here for storage. The waist is elastic and on the backside of the elastic is a rubberized material so what happens is when you put it on and you seat it down at your waist, it wants to stick to whatever you're wearing and it doesn't tend to ride up. That's the waist seal, and for the wrists there are neoprene cuffs here that are stretchy and then at the neck the same with a neoprene adjustable seal. The styling on these, the Gill styling there and on the back. A very practical, comfortable and good-looking piece for any junior, on or off the water.


This a serious junior Coastal jacket. It is full of features, it's waterproof breathable, has a high collar. The fleece in here so that you don't chafe. This high adjustment here can be put back and Velcroed out of the way. The zipper, it has a double storm flap and an offshore style zipper with a large slider here and a slider at the bottom where you can open the jacket up in case you get a little warm. Cargo pockets on the sides, and reflective tape on the shoulders. Keep the water out down here at the wrist, internal adjustable PU seals.


On the outside, a Velcro adjustment also. Let's see, the hood. I'm going to deploy that. This has a fluoro hood for visibility with a peak and an adjustment in the back here where you can adjust where the front of the hood ends up on your forehead. These are available in three sizes for juniors, they have matching trousers. They're sold separately, that are full height trousers. A great combination for cruising, a little bit of racing on big boats. Actually any time that it's raining this is going to be the best rain jacket that any junior has ever had the opportunity to wear. 

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