Sailing Gifts for Laser Sailors

Luckily, Laser sailors are easy to buy gifts for.  APS has the largest selection of Laser sailing gear in the world and we have narrowed down the choices to our top picks.  If a Laser sailor does not have any item on this page for themselves or their sailboat, they would love to have one.  Your gift decision is that easy!


APS Advisor Top Sailing Gift Ideas for Laser Sailors

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Top Gift Ideas for Laser Sailors

If you have an enthusiastic Laser sailor or boat owner to shop for we know exactly what upgrades are guaranteed to excite.

Since Lasers are a one design class, the boats are relatively simple to outfit and improve. You can't go wrong with any of these top 5 gifts for the Laser Sailor.




Laser EPIC Traveler

If you're not super familiar with the Laser, but trying to please your sailor, this seemingly simple piece of line will get a big reaction from Laser competitors. A high tech Traveler line constructed from Wire Rope Replacement, spliced and whipped will allow for the smoothest tiller maneuvers.

Shop the Laser Epic Traveler.  For more lines and line packages, shop the Laser line section.

Laser Tiller

Raptor Laser® Carbon Tiller

Help the Laser sailor in your life to upgrade with the Raptor Laser Carbon Tiller. Similar to the popular Black Diamond tiller- except a carbon construction makes it lighter and stronger.  A low profile design and less weight is sure to please any Laser sailor looking to improve competitively. 

Shop Raptor Laser® Carbon Tiller


This Bottleport drink holder is the perfect gift for those laser sailors who need somewhere to safely put their drink while out on the water. When sailing on a small boat space is very limited, so these convenient bottleports save boat space and keep drinks secure- a very useful gift for the hard to buy for laser sailor in your life.

Shop the Bottleport

APS Laser® Pro Clew Strap

Our Laser Pro Clew Strap makes a great gift because we have innovated the clew strap by utilizing a rectangular shaped ring instead of a round ring allowing for a nice tight leech. Also features double Velcro webbing to keep the strap from coming loose.

Shop APS Laser® Pro Clew Strap

APS Laser Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit

As stated before, every Laser sailor is looking for the latest innovation when it comes to improving their boats. We created this class legal Laser Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit so sailors can have the best control over their daggerboards. Not available anywhere else, this gift is sure to please the Laser sailor in your life.

Shop APS Laser Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit



Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS, and I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks for laser sailors.


I'm going to start off with this beauty. This is the Raptor Laser Carbon Tiller. It's all carbon fiber. It's rather lightweight. It's super stiff. It has the base for the universal, for the tiller extension already installed, so all you have to do is slide it in, snap the cap down. In the middle here, we've got the chafe plate where the traveler runs across and the traveler block to protect the tiller. The adjustment for the down hull uses a black anodized aluminum clam cleat. This is a one piece insertion into the rudder head here. If you're racing, what a beautiful piece, and what a very functional piece. The Raptor Laser Carbon Tiller.

Staying with that side of the boat we have this, this is the APS Laser Epic Traveler. This is made using a product from New England Ropes, it's actually called wire rope replacement. It's all Dyneema. Has a really tight jacket, it's a double braid. It comes pre-spliced, and the end is whipped. Because there is no stretch, it will when it's installed correctly, and pulled tight, it will stay down very close to the tiller because of the Dyneema and the tight construction. It wears very well in the cleat, and in the fairleads.
Online we have a video on how to install and use this, done by our very own James, so check that out on our website.


Okay next, bottle port. What is this thing? This is great. If on either side of the daggerboard you've got an inspection port installed, or maybe on the back of the boat. As long as it is a Viking polypropylene inspection port, it's important, this will fit in there. Basically you just take the top of the inspection port off, drop this down, and it just screws in place, and that takes the place of the lid. It remains water tight, and on the inside, it allows you to put a water bottle in here, and by just snugging this down, that'll keep the water bottle from coming out even if you capsize.
Then if you want to store more things inside the hull, before you screw this in you can actually put a smock top, or a lunch down in there, screw this back in. You've got easy access to water. What Laser sailor wouldn't appreciate that on a hot day?
Okay, small thing but something most any Laser sailor is going to have is a pro clew strap, this is by APS. Ours is rather unique. Instead of using a ring, or a D-ring, we use this rectangular piece here, and what that allows is when you are pulling this tight it will glide over that flat surface instead of a curved D a lot more easily. It allows you to get it really tight across the entire width of the band here, and then once it's in place, this is double locked, so it's Velcroed down, and Velcro over top of that locking it in place. It's not going to move, so number one it's going to be really tight, give you good leech tension, and it's not going to come undone. That's the APS Laser Pro Clew Strap.
Okay, this is another APS product. This is the Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Kit. What is all this funky stuff? Well, this is a kit that when it's properly installed, it's number one: very easy to take the daggerboard, I should say un-rig the daggerboard, by using this small snap shackle here. Which is attached to this piece of Dyneema control line that is tied very tightly to the daggerboard. What it does when the board is all the way down, it is the lowest attachment point you can get on the board, so that when you are going upwind, the board won't raise that inch or two ... They kind of creep up as you are going upwind in choppy conditions.
This keeps the board all the way down. When you get back to shore, it's very easy to just unclip it, take the board out. Again, we've got a video of how to install and use this on our website, and it also comes with the instructions.



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