Gifts for Opti Sailors

APS has the largest selection of Optimist gear in the world- so you could say we know what Opti sailors want! Reading books about the Opti, building an Opti model when off the water, and receiving boat performance enhancing gear are all well loved gifts!


APS Advisor Top Gift Ideas for Opti Sailors

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Top 5 Gifts for Opti Sailors

 The Optimist is a one design sailboat, which means gift options are easier. There is no chance of selecting something that is appropriate for one Opti and not for another.  Whether your optimist sailor is a boat owner or a club sailor, we’ve got the upgrades, gear and accessories to help them excel!  Check out these top 5 gifts for the Optimist Sailor:



Mast Rake Measuring Tool

Often overlooked when tuning the Optimist, mast rake is super important when it comes to boat speed. Give your favorite Opti kid the advantage with the APS designed Mast Rake Measuring Tool. A great gift, this kit comes in a convenient bag with a laminated tuning guide.

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The Optimist Image Book

A great gift to give if you don’t want to commit to any Opti parts as gifts; this Optimist Image Book features incredible images taken by Matias Caprizzano- and international sailing photographer. The photos in this book were all taken at championship level events at some of the best sailing venues in the world- imagery sure to inspire your young sailor.

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N1 New Rules Opti Blade Set w/Fittings, Delux Tiller & Ext

Young Opti sailors will be very happy with the N1 New Rules Opti Blade Set- includes Fittings, Deluxe Tiller and Extension. Made from the highest quality materials- giving this set is giving the gift of competitive edge. Made from the highest grade materials for a quality gift.

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Tiller Extension

A great way to add a little pizazz and performance at the same time. The 'Jamaican' style tiller extension is made of lightweight aluminum and utilizes a rope cored universal. Fun colors will make your Opti sailor the coolest kid on the water.

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Optimist Model

The young sailor will love this Optimist Model as a gift to remind them of their time out on the water. Fun to put together, this kit includes running and standing rigging, a suitable-for-framing poster with starboard profile & deck plan, ID plaque, wall-mount brackets, assembly instructions. Junior sailors will really enjoy being able to add their own touch to this model, as the pre-cut Dacron sails can be personalized with any sail number.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top gift picks for Optimist sailors. I'm going to start off with this, this is the mast rake measuring kit that we've put together at APS. If you're racing and you want mast rake where you can set it depending on what the conditions are, this is the tool that gives you those repeatable settings. Basically you take this cap and put it on top of your mast after presetting the pin on this adjustable veneer and then you run this wire down to the transom of your boat, and just adjust the mast rake until this hooks right around the back lip of the transom there. It comes with complete instructions and it comes together with this measurement scale, all of this inside this Harken pouch. Mast rake measuring tool from APS.

A little bit of fun, from Optiparts, this is ... we've had this for a number of years, sell lots, and very cool, the Jamaican grip. A little bit of pizzazz. All you have to do is undo your existing tiller extension, slide this on, snap it, you are installed and ready to go sailing, and of course it is in the optimal length for the Optimist, around 24". Jamaica grip, soft foam grip from Optiparts.

Put down your phones and let's do a project. How about an Optimist model? This is kind of cool. It's a traditional model that gets glued together. You can paint it, it goes on a stand for display, and the sail it comes with, you actually get to put your own sail numbers on it and apply it, so it's actually your boat when you're done. It comes with instructions that show you step-by-step how to glue everything together, it has all the hardware, the blocks, the line, it's really kind of a trophy piece for an Opti sailor to have in the house or especially in their room. The Opti model.

This is really cool. We're going to have to show you a number of pages in this. This is the Optimist Image Book and this is a coffee table book for Opti sailors. Let me show you some of the great imagery. Just amazing photography from all over the world. All of it's Optimist centric. I hope this is coming through. Really a nice piece, I'm trying to guess how many pages this is because I didn't actually look, but it seems to be, I would guess, 150 pages of imagery. The Optimist Image Book.



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