Sailing Gifts for the Boat

Give a gift to a sailor that helps them get the most enjoyment out of their sailboat.  We have assembled a collection of gifts that will be functional, enjoyed and appreciated when on the water. 

APS Advisor Top Sailing Gift Ideas for the Boat

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Top Sailing Gift Ideas for the Boat

A boat is a sailor's pride and joy. No matter if your boat owner is racing or cruising, we have the right gift for them. Even if you are unfamiliar with the sailing world, APS is here to help.  We handpicked these Top 5 Holiday Gifts to suit a dynamic range of boats, and sailors. If you know someone who enjoys sailing as much as we do, one of these gifts is definitely for them.




GSI Stainless Steel Pint Glass Set of 4

This Set of 4 Stainless Steel Pint Glasses is the perfect gift for sailors looking to save space and reduce waste on-board- especially when they have guests over for a drink!  These rugged drink ware pieces are color-coded to help prevent party mix-ups and stackable for compact storage.

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Sailor Bags Newport 2-Bottle Insulated Wine Tote

This Newport 2-Bottle Insulated Wine Tote from Sailor Bags is the perfect gift for the wine-loving sailor in your life.  Thick insulation keeps the bottle cold on the way to the boat, and a shoulder strap with a non-slip pad makes for easy hands-free transportation.  This wine tote is a nautical gift ready to carry wine on the go!

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Weems and Plath Sport 7x50 Center Focus Binoculars

Binoculars are always useful to have handy on the boat, and this pair from Weems and Plath are waterproof and lightweight, with a tough rubber exterior for use in a marine environment. They also feature Argon filled lenses for anti-fogging and improved light transmission. Comes with a soft black case and a padded neck strap.

Weems and Plath SOS Distress Light

This SOS Distress Light from Weems and Plath is a great alternative to traditional flares and makes for a great practical gift for the boat. This electronic flare doesn't expire, which solves the challenge of flare disposal. Also, this light floats, can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. It runs up to 60 hours, unlike traditional flares which last minutes or less.

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The Cruising Log Book by Weems & Plath

Log books are the photo albums of the sailing world. Considered standard equipment on almost every cruising vessel, they provide a way to document and record your cruise. We have logs and book covers perfect to suit your boat or boat owner's style.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top five sailing gifts for the boat and for boat owners. I'm going to start off with these. We've had these for a season or two. They just keep gaining in popularity. These are the GSI stainless steel pint glass set of four. They are stainless steel inside and around. They are heavy enough they won't get blown off in the wind. They store very conveniently and compactly, and they're color coded, so no one forgets whose glass is whose.


Okay, from SailorBags. This was a new product for us, and it was instantly a hit. This is the Newport two-bottle insulated wine tote. It's a sail material bag, zipper top, insulated waterproof, and it has this other feature. When you put two bottles in here, put one in here, it'll keep them from clanking. This is also insulated, so when you've got a bottle on the table and you're serving, it also stays cold. Handle straps, adjustable shoulder straps, nice piece by SailorBags.


Okay, Weems & Plath. They offer a number of binoculars which, really, the quality is surprising, giving how well priced they are. This is their Sport 7x50s. They are center focus, and one of the features I really like about this, beyond just the good optics and the ease of focus, is when you're focusing for the difference between your two eyes, you've got these very easy to access and adjust for the single lens here, so get the first eye in focus using this, and then close that eye, and use this one to focus the next one. You're done with that. All you have to now do is focus both of them with this. Nice feature. Waterproof. Comes with a carry bag, covers, and strap. Sport 7x50 by Weems & Plath.


Okay, so this is a game changer. This is by Weems & Plath. This is their SOS Distress Signal. It is Coast Guard approved. Gone are the days where you had to keep going out every year and buy a set of three hand flares. I know at my house I still haven't had a chance to dispose of mine properly, and I've got a set from last year sitting at the side of my house. Don't have to deal with that anymore. Buy this, keep the batteries fresh in the handle here, and this strobe takes the place of hand flares, and to activate it, all you have to do is grab it and twist the top here. I'm not going to actually turn it on and have it flash, and I wouldn't suggest looking at it once it starts to go off. It will float upright. You've got multiple lanyards, and it also comes with a distress SOS blanket that floats. Nice piece, if you think of the cost of flares over the life of your boat or someone's boat. You're saving them a lot of money, so if you know someone who's a boat owner and really want to give them something they will appreciate and everybody needs, the SOS from Weems & Plath.


Yet another product from Weems & Plath, this is their Cruising Log. What a nice way, for every weekend or cruise that you take, to be able to write down all of the details, and at the end of the season, be able to look out back on where you've gone, what your observations were. What a nice piece, classic piece by Weems & Plath.



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