Sailing Gifts for the Cruising Sailor

When shopping for a cruising sailor there are certain aspects of gifting to take into account. Space is often limited on boats, especially those sailed for a lengthy period of time. We have selected practical, space saving gifts that will fit into the nautical lifestyle. Many gifts in this section are capable of crossing over into other types of sailing as well. 

APS Advisor  Top Gift Ideas for Cruising Sailors

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Top Sailing Gift Ideas for the Cruising Sailor

Fair winds, calm seas and gorgeous sunsets - that’s the gift we all wish we could give our favorite cruising sailor. Alternatively, if that gift idea doesn't pan out, turn to APS. From practical to fun, these are our Top 5 gift ideas for the cruising sailor in your life




GSI Nesting Wine Glass

This GSI Nesting Wine Glass is great for the cruising sailor who enjoys wine but would like to save space in their cabinets on board.The unique stem design of this GSI Wine Glass unscrews and allows the base to be compactly snapped into the bowl for easy storage. Throw in a bottle of their favorite vino and you've got a great holiday treat for any sailor, or party person on the go.

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Spinlock Race Safety Line: Cow Hitch + 2 Clips

The gift of safety is always appreciated- give your sailor exactly that with the 2 Clip Cow Hitch Safety Line by Spinlock. They are 50% lighter than conventional safety tethers so the user can move safely about the boat with ease.

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Spinlock Deckvest LITE

While fun and relaxation is number one, make sure they have a proper PFD to turn to when needed. The lightweight Spinlock Deckvest LITE is a fantastic choice for a cruising sailor. It is a US Coast Guard approved inflatable life jacket. It's contoured design and low-bulk allow for a comfortable sailing experience with top of the line safety protection.

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Book: Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 67th Edition

This book, Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 67th Edition is a great knowledgeable resource for cruising sailors- making it a thoughtful and practical gift for the sailors on your list.  Chapman has remained the most trusted and widely used maritime reference in the world for almost a century now. Includes information on weather, tides, and navigation, as well as how-to maintenance tutorials for many types of engines and transmissions.

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Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket- Men's

Now that you've set your sailor up for a bon voyage, make sure they're ready for anything. The Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket provides top of the line protection from the elements. The shell fabric is fully breathable to make those trips in even the nastiest weather a comfortable one.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top gift picks for cruising sailors. I'm going to start off with what I'm wearing right now. This is the Henri Lloyd Wave Jacket. This is a TP1 waterproof, breathable material. Large zipper slider, storm flap. One flap here with fleece inside to keep from chaffing against the skin. If the weather deteriorates, I can go back here and deploy the hood. It's a fluorescent hood. Peak at the top and adjustments on the side here, cinch it down.


Other things about this jacket, storm flap. That's inside adjustable storm flaps here and on the outside, all designed to keep the sleeves in place and the water out. It's a nylon, taffeta lined jacket with adjustments down here at the hem and in the mid section of the jacket, so you can keep the wind from going through the jacket from underneath. Great inshore jacket on the boat, whether sailing, out on the center console, running to the grocery in the rain. Good all around waterproof, breathable jacket from Henri Lloyd.


Next I'm going to share with you, along the lines of safety, a product that's been very popular here at APS. This is Spinlock's Deck Vest light. It is an affordable, high performance version of their deck vest. It's easy to get into. It's fully adjustable. They do nice little features like this, once you've got this adjusted to where it fits you, they have a Velcro where you can secure the extra webbing and it doesn't hang down. What I like to do is secure this and then I've got the crotch strap that comes through. If I go in and I deploy this, using the handle right here, that will keep ... With the crotch strap in place, that'll keep this whole assembly from riding up and possibly going over the head. Very comfortable, minimalistic ... Really, why wouldn't you wear it all the time? A very comfortable, practical safety piece from Spinlock.


I'm going to move over to something I really like. As a child, we had this in our house and this is the Chapman Piloting and Seamanship, Edition 67. I think mine was in the 20s, in terms of the edition. It had been in our house for a while. If you want a total reference on navigation rules, laws, basic safety, it is just absolutely full of information. It's something, in the winter time, anybody who's interested in boating or sailing, maybe by the fire, just pick it up occasionally and just keep expanding their knowledge on the water lifestyle. Chapman's Piloting and Seamanship.


Okay, fun! It's a wine glass, what's so special about it? It's light, it's acrylic, it's got a wide base so it stays stable, even when you're heeling a bit. You get a couple of these, what's so nice is when you're done, space being such a premium on the boat, they nest and basically go into the galley taking half the space. This is the GSI Nesting Wine Glass, get one, get six. You're going to make anybody around the water or on land really happy with that. Back to safety. This, again, is a piece from Spinlock. This is their Safety Line Cow Hitch, 2 clip. Why would you be interested in giving this to somebody?

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