Sailing Inspired Nautical Gifts for the Home

Nautical gifts and decor have a special place in the  homes of people who live for the water, sailing and other boating.  Along with a few fun holiday and leisure choices, we offer you a selection of enduring quality instruments, lamps and ship models that are sure to be enjoyed and proudly displayed.

APS Advisor  Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for the Home

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Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for the Home

Here are our Top 5 Sailing Gift Ideas for a Nautical Home- the following can fit any budget and are perfect for every sailor on your list. These gifts will thoughtfully say, "I support your love of the nautical lifestyle."




Brass Yacht Lamp

This solid brass Weems and Plath Yacht Lamp has been styled after a traditional miner's lamp making it  the perfect addition to any boat or nautical home. This oil lamp has been popular for over 30 years and truly sets the standard for traditional elegance. The Yacht Lamp can stand independently on a table or can be mounted to a wall or bulkhead with the addition of a gimbal or wall bracket.

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Endurance Time & Tide Clock

With it’s nautical flair and hard brass finish, this Endurance time and tide clock is sure to please the sailor in your life. It features an easy to read standard clock face, and one dial to indicate the current tidal position. The tide sector of the clock averages the Atlantic tidal cycle, but can be used for other tidal areas as well. Bring elegance and practicality to any room with this gift.

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Weems and Plath Cutter Quartz Clock

This stylish and eye-catching Cutter Quartz Clock from Weems and Plath is a perfect gift for any sailor who wishes to bring nautical themes into their home. This clock features a beautiful porthole style display housed in a forged brass bezel case.

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Weems & Plath Brass Stormglass Set

The Brass Stormglass Plaque is a mysterious weather predictor that is sure to intrigue any sailor. Stormglass instruments have been in use since the 1750s. Changing weather affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube. Some believe that the changes in crystal structure have to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. A mountable plaque makes this display perfect for any room in the home.

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APS Sta-Set Spliced Dog Leash

This classic dog leash is made of the same high-quality materials your sailor relies on. With a spliced loop handle at one end and a bronze shackle spliced on the other, this leash screams nautical pride. It's made with 3/8" New England Sta-Set line and comes in a variety of colors so you're sure to find the perfect match for your sailor.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks for the home. I'm going to start off with this from Weems and Plath. This is the brass yacht lamp. Don't let its smaller size fool you. It's a solid brass base, very substantial, quite heavy. To access the oil reservoir or to light the wick, you basically just screw the base right off. I'll take it all the way off so I can show you. To fill the reservoir, you just unscrew this, pull it out, pour the oil in. Once you've lit the wick, put the top back on and that's it. After a number of hours, if you had to advance the wick because it's burnt down, there's a little arm you can access here and you can advance the wick up inside the chamber without having to take it apart.


Gives off a nice amount of light in a 360. What's its claim to fame? It's almost like a hurricane lamp or better than. This structure up here is full of baffles and diffusers and you can put this out in a gale and the wind will not get down here to the flame. No flicker, nothing gets blown out, you can put it out, use it wherever you want in the weather. Whether that's out back by the pool, camping, on the boat, what a nice piece. You can use it on a flat surface, or you can hang it. Brass yacht lamp, Weems and Plath.


Getting into timepieces, this is the Endurance time and tide clock. Brass housing, obviously we've got time on the outside, and then the red on the inside is the rise and fall tides. Nice wall mount piece. The Endurance time and tide clock.


This is a bit smaller, but it is very substantial. This is the Weems and Plath Cutter quartz clock. It's in a solid brass housing, three mounting holes, and to access the inter workings, you just undo this solid brass hasp and you can get inside to the quartz clock, to the battery. Very nice substantial piece. Plath Cutter quartz clock.


Here's an interesting piece. This is the storm glass set. These have always been really big sellers here at APS. It's a weather station on the wall. There are crystals in here and depending on the weather, the pressure, they will crystallize in different ways and these are associated with the forecast, whether it's stormy, going to be rainy, clear. They don't tell you what's in here, so it's kind of a mystery, but it works. It's something that's been used for hundreds of years. Imagine putting this on the wall near the front door, the entry or the kitchen door as you're walking out for the day. At a glance you know the weather. What a really interesting conversation piece.


Last, very practical. If you've got a dog, a home with a dog, check these out. These are made in our rigging department. This is double braid polyester that's hand spliced and whipped, uses a solid brass attachment point. What house with a dog wouldn't like a nice nautical leash from APS?


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