Sailing Gifts for the New Sailor

New sailors love sailing related gifts.  Help fuel their new interest with sailing gear that keeps them warm, dry, safe and comfortable.   Also choose from sailing books, games and calendars so they can stay connected to sailing when not on the water.

APS Advisor  Top Gift Ideas for New Sailors

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Top Gift Ideas for New Sailors


If you know someone who is dipping their toes into the sailing scene, help them stay dry, safe, and protected with these practical and educational sailing gifts.For newbie sailors just starting out, there are a few basics they need to begin with. What ever their age, size or gender, these next Top 5 gifts will kick off their sailing education with their best foot forward.





Gill Marina Jacket

Any new sailor would love the Gill Marina Jacket- as it is perfect for light sprays while out on the boat, and easily transitions into being an everyday rain jacket. This jacket is super lightweight, packable and features a durable water repellent finish and fully taped seams to ensure the wearer stays dry.

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Zhik ZKG Wet Deck Shoe

Equal parts technical and stylish, the Zhik ZKG Wet Deck Shoe is perfect for new sailors, ready for a day on the boat or cruising around town. These shoes are easy to clean, drain easily, and even have an antibacterial treatment to prevent odor. The patented tread pattern on the sole allows water to flow underneath the foot to help maintain grip on the boat. Available in a variety of colors, one sure to be perfect for the novice sailor on your list!

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Gill Fingerless Deckhand Gloves

Next on our list are the Gill Fingerless Deckhand Gloves. Whether they've been sailing for a month, or a year - a good pair of gloves is something every sailor needs. To keep their hands safe from rope burn, look to this pair of Gill sailing gloves. They're an exceptional value that provides all of the protection your sailor needs.

Crewsaver Crewfit 35 Sport USCG Automatic Lifevest

Safety comes first on the water. Make sure your favorite sailor is well equipped with this comfortable automatic lifevest- the Crewsaver Crewfit 35 Sport. This lifevest is light weight and low-profile while remaining extremely durable.

Shop Crewsaver Crewfit 35 Sport Automatic Lifevest


Helly Hansen Vertex 1/2 Zip Fleece

New sailors will especially appreciate gifts that they can wear across the seasons. This midweight Vertex Fleece from Helly Hansen, is an excellent choice for this purpose. It can be worn comfortably around town and on the boat in the fall, or as a warming midlayer under foul weather gear in the cold winter months. This fleece is ideal for high performance activities, and is specially designed for air circulation and moisture management.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks for new sailors or folks who are about to go sailing for the first time.


I'm wearing our first one. This is the Gill Marina Jacket. It's a really lightweight, waterproof jacket. It's great on the boat, around town, hiking, has a hood with adjustments here on the side. I zipped it up, has a storm flap with Velcro closure. Down here at the wrist, a simple Velcro closure to keep the water out and side slash pockets that are zippered. Then on the inside I have an adjustment here at the hem, so I can cinch this in and keep the wind from blowing up into the jacket. As you can see, it's unlined, which again adds to this being a nice, comfortable lightweight jacket. Marina from Gill. 


Okay. Going to shoes. These are the Zhik ZKG Wet Deck Shoe. Ever since these came in, they've been out a few seasons, they have just been flying off the shelf. They are available in multiple colors. The bottoms have a soft, non-slip sole. The upper is actually Neoprene, like a wetsuit, but what's special about it is inside ... it's kind of hard to see, if you can see these dots ... there are perforations. They call it a wet shoe because it allows the water to go in and out of the shoe. It breathes well and it drains extremely well and because the Neoprene's soft, the soft rubber bottom, it's a very comfortable shoe. ZKG Wet Deck Shoe.


Okay. You need gloves, if you're going to go sailing and actually handle lines in any sort of wind. This is Gill's Deckhand Glove. They've been out for a number of seasons, very popular, up to any task. This is what they call the "fingerless" with the fingers cut off. They come in multiple sizes. We have a sizing chart online. Easy to figure out. Wonderful piece to give somebody the confidence when they're going out sailing for one of the first times. Deckhand Glove by Gill.


What else have we got? These are new to us this season. This is from Crewsaver. It's called a "Crewfit 35". It's an inflatable PFD. It's Coast Guard Approved. It's easy to put on. All I have to do is ... and I'm in. It's nice. It's lightweight. It's comfortable around the neck. If I want to manually deploy it, I can just pull this right here and the cylinder will inflate everything or if I fall in, it's an auto-inflate. The sensor's right in here. Once the water reaches it, boom, I'm safe. Really good price point. Customer feedback when these came in this season has been very good. Crewfit 35 by Crewsaver.


The last product. This is from Helly Hansen. This is the Vertex half-zip. It's a lightweight fleece. It's a textured fleece. It's got a kind of a waffling on the inside. It's very thin in between there, which means it breathes extremely well. If you're wearing a shell over top of this, that also creates air pockets that it trapped, so it's very warm under a shell. You take the shell off because it breathes so well, you can release a lot of heat very quickly. Long sleeve, good long 1/2 zip, not a 1/4 zip, so you can actually get it open if you start to overheat. Available in multiple colors, the Helly Hansen Vertex.

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