Sailing Inspired Nautical Gifts for the Office

Nautical themed gifts earn a special place in the office of someone who enjoys the water.  We offer you a selection of enduring quality clocks, paper weights and ship models that will bring the sailing life into the office with a classic touch.

APS Advisor  Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for the Office

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Top Nautical & Sailing Gift Ideas for the Office

Not all of us are lucky enough to work in an environment that supports our passions outside the office walls. To help bridge the gap between life and work, give them something for the office that evokes the spirit and excitement of past and future sailing adventures. Help them bring their passion for sailing and a nautical lifestyle to work with these next - Top 5 Gifts for the Office.




Porthole Tambour Clock

This porthole style clock will add the perfect amount of nautical flair to anyone's office desk or mantle. Features an accurate quartz movement mounted in solid North American hardwood. The eye-catching hard brass finish is guaranteed not to tarnish or discolor. 

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Atlantis Clock

A classic time piece - This Weems & Plath Atlantis Quartz Clock features a classic ship's 8-bell cycle. Help your business man or woman count down the hours until their next sailing adventure with this nautical themed clock.

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Solaris Desk Clock

Give your hard worker something beautiful to stare at as the time ticks toward 5 pm. The Solaris Desk Clock by Weems & Plath has a locking gimbal allowing the clock to be viewed from any angle. Polished brass gives it a great a timeless look.

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2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar

The Ultimate Sailing Calendar is a gift that gives all 365 days of the year. Filled with beautiful and exciting images from Sharon Green, this calendar looks great on the wall of any office.



Compass Brass Chartweight

Keep their love for all things nautical alive, even when at the office. The Weems & Plath chart weights make beautiful paper weights, and add caché to any desk.

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Kyle from APS and I'm here to share with you our top sailing and nautical gift picks for the office.


I'm going to start with this. This is a favorite in this category and a couple others in our gift guide. This is Sharon Green's Ultimate Sailing Calendar. Outlook calendars, Google calendars, boring. Put this up on the wall. Give yourself a little sailing eye candy to look at. I'm going to show you some of the photography in here. It's just a pleasure to turn the pages every month and see these wonderful shots. The Ultimate Sailing Calendar by Sharon Green.


Okay. More traditional pieces going into time. This from Weems and Plath. The Porthole Tambour Clock. This is all solid brass, working fittings here. You can actually open this porthole up. This is in a wood finish. Very nice desk piece by Weems and Plath.


Going into some more substantial timepieces, this is the Atlantis Clock from Weems and Plath. This is definitely substantial. It's solid brass, it's a quartz clock and it has a traditional ship's eight bell cycle. It rings every half hour. It chimes right out the bottom here. It sounds wonderful. Would be great for the first day or month and maybe it gets on your nerves for a little while and luckily there's an off switch. Then when you want to listen to it some more, you can turn it back on. Kind of like getting a squeaky toy for the dog. It's great for the first couple of days, but you're not sure after a few. Anyways, this is the Atlantis Clock from Weems and Plath. It's also wall mountable. There are three holes right here or you can get an optional wood base and it sits right in their desktop.


Last timepiece, promise. This is Solaris Desk Clock. This is really a substantial desk piece. It's solid brass, it has a glass bottom here. It's fully gimbaled and you can just lock the gimbals in at whatever angle you want. This has a German movement quartz clock. Just a beautiful piece. You can actually take the glass out and have it etched if you want. Initials, burgee logo, boat name. What a statement piece. The Solaris from Weems and Plath.


One last piece for the desk. This is a Chart Weight. It's solid brass. It has a felt backing. It's an actual working compass. It comes in this nice gift box. Really a nice piece for anybody who enjoys the nautical theme in the office.


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