Sailing Gifts for the Racing Sailor

Racing sailors love to receive active sailing gear as gifts.  Enhance their performance while keeping them dry, protected and safe.  Our top picks are sure to excite any sailor who is anticipating their next race.

APS Advisor  Top Gift Ideas for Racing Sailors

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Top Gift Ideas for the Racing Sailor

Competitive sailors and racers know how to appreciate the finer gear in life. A sailor's gear is the first line of defense against the elements. Many of us here at APS are enthusiastic racers, so we know just what they love and need. 




Dubarry Ultima Stretch Sea Boot Brown

Dubarry is the best out there when it comes to sailing boots. That’s why their Ultima Stretch Sea Boot is would make an excellent gift for the racing sailor in your life. These boots will keep their feet warm and dry, and will last for a lifetime. The Ultima Boots are constructed from the highest quality materials, and are fully waterproof and breathable- making this gift the one they will use for years to come.

Shop Dubarry Ultima Stretch Sea Boot

Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Jacket

Musto makes the best gear for racing sailors- so this MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Jacket makes for the perfect gift. Gore-tex fabric is very well known for being fully water and windproof while also reamining breathable. Comes in an array of colors- one sure to please the racer in your life this holiday season. 

Shop Musto MPX Goire-Tex Race Lite Jacket

Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopettes

Next on our list is again from Musto- the MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopettes. They have the same waterproof, windproof, and breathable construction as the matching jacket above. Why not treat your sailor to the whole set- they will definitely appreciate the usefulness and reliability of this gift. 

Shop Musto MPX Gore-Tex Race Lite Salopettes

Wichard Offshore Knife w/ Shackle Key & Bottle Opener 

This handy Offshore Orange Knife includes a Shackle Key and Bottle Opener- making this a cool all-in-one gift for the racing sailor in your life. Features a serrated blade, sharp enough to cut through the toughest of line. This knife is easy to open with one hand, and comes with an adjustable wrist strap!

Shop Wichard Offshore Knife

APS Microfiber Tech T-Shirt Long Sleeve

Racing sailors can never have enough tech t-shirts. Our APS Microfiber Longsleeve Tech T-Shirt features all the needed technical properties while remaining very affordable. This long sleeve will wick moisture and keep the wearer dry and comfortable, not to mention protecting the wearer from sunburn! Stock up on these Tech Tees for your racing sailor- they will definitely appreciate this useful gift.

Shop APS Tech Long Sleeve T-Shirt



Video Transscript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks for sailboat racers.

I'm wearing the MPX Gore-Tex Lite Jacket from Musto. What a phenomenal piece. Uses Gore-Tex Pro, completely waterproof, breathable, very lightweight, easy to move in, a minimalistic approach for athletic sailing. Just a plain zipper up in front, plain zipper pockets here on the top and the side. Internal cuffs, where you'd expect, and then external adjustment here. Reflective trims throughout. Has a short, comfortable, and flexible collar here.

It has a hood that really fits snugly against your head. It's certainly not an offshore hood, but it's easy to move in. If it's too much for you, there's a zipper here. You can actually permanently remove it and just go with just the neck open.

I actually have a set of MPX from ... I think mine are eight or plus years old. The way the technology has gone, mine feels just a little bit stiff and heavy compared to the Lite. If I could wear mine out, I'd get a new set and this would be it. Nice, comfortable piece.

I'm wearing the matching Salopettes. I can feel a difference compared to mine. This is in the Gore-Tex Lite again, a very soft, very easy to move in. Has the side adjustments here that pull the waist in. Up here on the shoulder, it has stretch panels. The seals at the feet are better than the old ones. They're not the PUs. Just a phenomenal piece. Again, I wish I had these, but I can't wear out my existing MPX. Nice pieces by Musto.

Well, if you're wearing waterproof breathables, certainly you can't be wearing cotton. In the summer, you need to be wearing Tech shirts for a number of reasons. You want something to protect you from the sun. Something that dries quickly, that wicks moisture, so that it can come out of the Gore-Tex products. This is from our Crugear line of clothing. This is the APS Tech Shirt. We sell so many of these. It is an absolute favorite of everybody on staff. It's got the APS logo front and back. They're really well priced. This is something that any racing sailor, whether it's ours or another one, should have at least a half a dozen of these in their wardrobe.

Okay. If you've got this outfit, you're going to want these. These are the Ultima Stretch Dubarry boots. This is a leather, Gore-Tex boot. I've had mine, I think for nine years, maybe eight years. They are the most comfortable boot you have ever put on. By the time you've got them worn in like me, they'll sit down about like that. Basically, they are more comfortable than bedroom slippers. If you can see on the inside, they're completely lined with this soft material all the way up out through the foot bed. They're easy to get on because they have the stretch panel back here. If you've got larger calves, that makes it comfortable. Nonslip bottom. I know you're not supposed to do this, but I wear mine in the rain, when I'm shoveling the snow, and on the boat. Absolutely wonderful piece by Dubarry.

Okay, last piece. This is a new product from Wichard. This is the Offshore Knife with the shackle and bottle opener. It's one hand operation. I've got serration here, and a normal blade here. It's a locking blade. I can put it away like that. Then if I want to deploy, I've got the shackler here. This is also glow in the dark. If it's in the chart table, in the glove box in the car, it's really easy to find. Has an adjustable lanyard here. Very practical piece by Wichard, Offshore Knife.

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