Sailing Jackets & Foul Weather Gear Gifts

Sailors like to be dry and comfortable when out on the boat.  The gear we have selected does just that, making them valued gift choices.  These pieces look so good that your sailor may end up wearing them every time it rains- whether they're out sailing or staying shoreside!

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Top Foul Weather Gear and Jackets Gift Ideas for Sailors

Give your sailor the gift of comfort on the water. Help them stay dry and warm with Jackets and Foul Weather Gear.  Check out these next Top 5 Foul Weather Gear Gift ideas to help point you in the right direction. 




Gill Inshore Lite Jacket

Any sailor will be delighted to receive the Gill Inshore Lite jacket, as it’s a perfect everyday weather resistant jacket ideal for use on-board or shore-side.  Mesh lining provides cooling ventilation, and Gill 2 Dot fabric is soft to the touch and low noise. 

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Henri Lloyd Freedom Jacket 

This Freedom jacket from Henri Lloyd is for sailors in need of serious water and wind proof protection during offshore and coastal sailing. Features highly breathable fabric to reduce condensation and to keep the wearer dry. Give them the reliable weather protection they need with this jacket!

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Musto MPX Gore-Tex Offshore Jacket

The Musto MPX Gore-Tex Offshore Jacket is sure to please every sailor- it is a perfect jacket for offshore, race, and pleasure sailing alike! Made from the highest quality materials this jacket is fully waterproof, windproof, and durable- all while remaining highly breathable! Available in a variety of colors, one perfect for every sailor on your list.

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Henri LLoyd Energy Dinghy Smock

The Henri Lloyd Energy Dinghy smock comes in cool vibrant colors and is a great jacket choice for the dinghy racer in your life. This jacket is fully waterproof with taped seams, and is articulated for ease of movement as well as being contoured to reduce windage. 

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Zhik Aroshell Jacket

The Aroshell jacket from Zhik is a waterproof jacket with a streamlined minimalist style. This breathable jacket is light and comfortable. Features a 3 layer fabric with stretch as well as water repellent zippers. 

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Video Transcript

Hi this is Kyle with APS and I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks for foul weather gear and jackets. I'm going to take you through a bunch of different categories. This will make it really easy to find out, identify, which product is right for the person you're buying for. I'm going to start with dinghy, go through light and shore, in-shore, coastal until full blown offshore for the really serious blue water sailor.
Starting off in the dinghy side of things, this is the Henry Lloyd Energy Dinghy Smock. It's a waterproof breathable smock. Anybody who sails dinghies, this would be appropriate for them. They're actually great when you're riding a bike in the rain or doing any athletic activity in the rain and you don't want a hood and you don't want to be kind of encumbered. As I mentioned, it's waterproof, breathable, has the adjustable pin neck here where you can pull the seal tight against the neck. Then, on the wrist seals, we have the same type of adjustment where you can pull the wrist seal tight and Velcro it down. Here at the waist, it has a soft neoprene band. On either side of the waist, it has this Velcro adjustment where you can pull this tight and seal at the waist. Once you've done all that, you've sealed out the weather, you're in a waterproof, breathable, lightweight smock and you can stay dry and comfortable. Additionally, when you open this up to air it, if you get a little hot, it's fully gusseted and you can kind of get some breathability into this, and it has a storage here. Nice styling, good safe color to be wearing. Enery Dinghy Smock by Henry Lloyd.


Moving from dinghy to light in-shore, this is the Gill In-shore Light Jacket, available in a number of different colors. It is quite a light jacket. It's waterproof, breathable, very comfortable to put on. Basic design, has outside adjustable cuffs here, slide slash pockets on the side and it does have a stowable hood with adjustments on the side here. Appropriate on a power boat, on the sail boat, running to the grocery in the rain, when you're just going to be exposed to the weather for a few hours. Nice piece to keep you comfortable. The Gill In-shore light jacket.


Moving from light in-shore to in-shore, this is kind of an interesting piece. This is from Zhik. It's called the Aeroshell. This one is designed, it's the only one in the category that's a three layer laminate, so it's a microporous waterproof breathable fabric. It's all bonded. It's based on a very simple design of keeping it very light and very athletic, easy to move in, not having too many features. A very athletic approach to this. Simple cuffs on the outside. Nice lightweight mid-weight zipper here. Has a simple hood, but if you find that that's too much it's unique in that there's a zipper here and you can actually permanently take the hood off this. Very nice piece, comfortable from Zhik, the Aeroshell Jacket.


Moving into coastal, moving out of kind of the day sailing arena, into coastal which can be for day sailing or overnight, extended periods. I'm moving into a pretty substantial coastal jacket here by Henry Lloyd. This is the Freedom Jacket. It's a full length jacket. One of the highest collars in it's class. It has a full blown double slider zipper so that you can zip it up and then you can open the jacket up at the bottom and let it breath. Internal and external adjustments at the sleeve. I'm going to deploy the hood. This is really unique. Check out the windows. As you're sailing, you're staying fully protected with this but you don't lose your peripheral vision. I won't go into all the features, but I will suffice it to say, if you know someone who does some extended sailing, the weather doesn't scare them, they like to stay out and keep going, the Henry Lloyd Freedom Jacket in the coastal range, quite a nice choice.


Okay, moving on to offshore. This is a pretty serious category. This is the MPX offshore jacket by Musto. This is a Gore-Tex jacket. It is an even longer length. Has cargo pockets, side pockets, and of course, reflective internal cuffs. Every feature that you would imagine. You're looking at a Gore-Tex shell. You're looking at a very high collar here that can be completely shut in all the way up to here. The hood design with these guys has been famous for years in terms of the ability to articulate it, pull it in, adjust the peak with the Velcro in the back, and a stiff brim here. If you know somebody who does extended offshore sailing, blue water, certainly would put a smile on their face and especially when they're out there in the soup staying comfortable under this Musto Gore-Tex jacket.



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