Sailing Gifts Under $50

Find gifts under $50 perfect for every sailor on your list.  Our collection is geared to the sailing lifestyle which is sure to be appreciated, as well as practical so they will continue to be used.

APS Advisor   Top 5 Sailing Gifts Under $50

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Sailors Under $50



Salti 3rd Wave Nautical Bracelet

The popular Salti 3rd Wave Nautical Bracelet is always a winner for both men and women alike- making checking off your shopping list even easier! This unique handmade gift is constructed from the same high tech line and hardware we supply for performance sport boat and cruising sailors. Available in three color combinations-one of which is sure to please the sailor on your list.

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Smartwool Socks - Heavy Crew Insulated

These Heavy Crew Insulated Socks from Smartwool are an employee favorite, and for a good reasons too! Made of comfortable Merino wool that is not only guaranteed not to itch, but also doesn't absorb foot odor, and works to wick moisture away from the foot. Give your sailor a gift that will keep them dry and comfortable all day in the cold, wet winter months.

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2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar

A calendar is always a practical and useful gift as the new year rolls around. The 2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar features stunning images from the world's greatest yachting photographers in a 24 by 18 inch format- sure to delight the sailor on your holiday list. This calendar is always a perennial favorite of sailors and anyone passionate about sailboats.

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Sailor Bags Chesapeake Wine Gift Bag

Wine always makes an excellent gift, and why not add a nautical touch to your gifted bottle by presenting it in this Chesapeake Wine Gift Bag from Sailor Bags? This gift bag is made from genuine sailcloth and tied with a square knot instead of a bow. Comes with a gift card already attached.

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Wichard Offshore Serrated Knife

The Wichard Offshore Serrated Knife makes for a practical gift that any sailor will be happy to receive as it has been designed for a range of essential functions the boat. Features a serrated blade sharp enough to cut a range of high tech lines. Available in three color options: blue, orange, and glow-in-the-dark yellow. Also comes with an adjustable wrist strap!

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