Sailing Knives, Tools and Rig Kit Gifts

Sailors always appreciate new sailing knives and tools- making them easy gift choices!  Much of the enjoyment of sailing is working on or around sailboats, but doing so requires having the right tools.  These gifts are practical, often used, and always enjoyed! Browse our selection of marine multitools, pocket knives and rig kits below.


APS Advisor Top Sailing Knife & Tool Gift Ideas

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Top Sailing Tools and Knives Gift Ideas

Having the right tool for the job is important for safety and for quality work. A sailor's tool kit is stocked full of specialty tools. If you’re looking for a functional holiday gift for the sailor on your list, one of these tools or knives is the ticket!  These next Top 5 Holiday Gift Ideas were hand selected by us for practicality and reliability. 




Spinlock Lume-On Life Jacket Bladder Light

This Lume-On Life Jacket Bladder Light from Spinlock makes a great gift for the sailor who enjoys the latest safety innovation. These LED lights attach to the life jacket and use the inflated life jacket bladder to diffuse their light. These lights turn on with immediately after making contact with water, and stick easily to the underside of the inflatable chamber of the life jacket. Give the gift of safety this year!

Shop Spinlock Lume-On Life Jacket Bladder Light

APS Basic Splicing Kit

If you're shopping for someone who likes to tinker and enjoys a new project, this Basic Spicing Kit by APS is sure to please. A sailor's tool bag is not complete without a few splicing supplies. Learning to splice is a valuable skill and these kits and individual tools put any sailor on the track to being a pro rigger.

Shop APS Basic Splicing Kit

Spinlock Rig Sense Tension Gauge for 2-5mm Wire

The Spinlock Rig-Sense is a rig tension tool for the new age. It works like any other tension gauge while additionally working in conjunction with a simple mobile App for logging rig settings on any boat. By using this App you can store and share multiple settings, for multiple boats. This stored information aids in race prep and helps produce reliable rig settings every time its used- a gift that keeps on giving!

Shop Spinlock Rig Sense Tension Gauge 

Wichard Offshore Serrated Knife

The Wichard Offshore Serrated Knife is an excellent tool for gifting, as it has been designed for an entire range of essential functions around the boat. Easily opened with one hand, this knife has a serrated blade for the most premium cutting quality. This handy knife is a gift sure to be put to use for years to come. 

Shop Wichard Offshore Serrated Knife

Leatherman WAVE Multi-Tool

For the jack-of-all-trades in your life, the Leatherman Wave is a reliable and practical gift. These sturdy multi-tools collapse and store effortlessly. The Nylon Sheath holsters easily to pants, shorts or foulies for quick access. Not only great for sailing, a multi-tool is an essential item to have on hand everywhere your outdoor adventurer may go.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Kyle from APS. I'm here to share with you our top sailing gift picks when it comes to sailing tools, knives and rig kits. I'm gonna start off with the Lume-On. This is from Spinlock. Man, this is really cool. It's hard to really understand how powerful this is but these are a stick-on, battery operated light and you basically put them on the back side of an inflatable life jacket and those are always brightly colored, usually yellow. They are self adhesive. You unpack it, put it on. Repack the life jacket if you go in the water and it deploys. These actually have a water sensor and they start to strobe and they're outward facing so they basically illuminated the inflated chambers and send a nice bright signal for rescue identification and pickup. Really a cool product from Spinlock, if you wanna keep a sailor safe. Everyone would appreciate that. If they have an inflatable life jacket, this would be a great gift option.
Maybe you're a do-it-yourselfer. We've got the APS basic slicing kit. Don't let the word basic fool you. These are the tools that we use in our rigging department. There's really not much you can't do when it comes to splicing a line. If you don't do any splicing but you know a sailor who'd be interested in learning, this is the kit that is complete. It has a traditional spike. We've got Selma fids. We've got pullers. We have actual two different sizes of real Sailmaker needles and the whipping twine that goes with that. That's waxed. We actually have the palm that is used to load the needles and push them through the rigging under load. Also includes this very, very thin Marlow tape for pulling splice ... ends through a splice. Then it has traditional PVC rigging tape. Again, if you know somebody that's interested in learning splicing, this would be a much appreciated gift and really allow them to do anything they need to on the boat.
Another cool product from Spinlock, this is the Rig-Sense tension gauge. This has been out for a season, season and a half I guess now. These are so popular in our store. If you want to know the rig tension, especially if you're doing one design sailing, you want repeatable settings, this is very revolutionary. You basically just stick the wire through this part here. At the same time, you open this slot up, the wire goes through the entire device. You let go. It now is measuring the diameter of the wire and it just sits there on the rig. You don't have to hold, pull, do anything, and gives you your reading right down here in real time. You can actually watch the reading change as you tighten or loosen the turnbuckles on your boat. The Spinlock Rig-Sense tension gauge. If you know anybody who does one design racing, this would be a wonderful gift.
Wichard offshore serrated knife. Close it up. It's a one-handed operation. It's a locking blade. It has a serrated blade back here and a normal blade here. Unlock that right there and close it. This is actually a glow in the dark material so it's easy to find in the glove box and the chart table. It has a nice workable adjustable line yard here on the back. The offshore serrated knife by Wichard.
Lastly, this is the Leatherman Wave multi-tool. These things just get better every year. There is so much utility in this. You've got your pliers, wire cutters, serrations here. Let's see, we've got in here, we've got a bottle opener. If I put that away, I can pull out the screwdriver. That's a hex head. I can pull that out, turn it around and it goes flat head. Over here, I've got, believe it or not, scissors. If I close all this up, now I've got four different utilities here. I've got a serrated blade knife that will fully deploy and locks. All I have to do is to press that and close it. Let's get this guy out. I actually have a saw. I can cut through things. Back here, I've got a standard blade knife. Lastly, this, it has a file, two different grits on either side. Comes with this handy carrying case, Leatherman Wave multi-tool, wonderful. I just can't think of anybody who wouldn't find a use for this whether they keep it with them, keep it on the boat or they keep it in the glove box of their car.



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