What Does the Super Bowl Have to Do with Sailing?

Last night millions of people across the U.S. sat down to watch the Super Bowl, and while most viewers had their mind on the game, there was a dark side to the festivities, which they did not consider.

The Super Bowl has a huge environmental impact, which can be attributed to two groups: the millions watching the game at home (think higher-than-normal food waste and electrical output) and those attending the game (think the gas and jet fuel used to get spectators and players there, plastic beer cups and foam fingers that will end up in landfills).

The numbers are staggering. Salon published an article on these statistics, showing how they stack up- a hundred million pounds of avocados! Half million slices of pizza delivered by Dominos, with only twenty percent of the boxes they’re delivered in being recycled.

With over half of the last fifty Super Bowl games being in held in coastal cities, we decided to look at how this event, and others like it, affect local waterways for sailors.
This year’s game was held at Levi’s Stadium, a stone’s throw from the San Francisco Bay and a short drive to the Pacific Ocean, an area that’s home to a vibrant and established sailing community.

Thankfully, this year’s venue was the most environmentally friendly yet. Check out this infographic CleanTechnica.com compiled outlining the energy saving features that are in place: plumbing that uses 85 percent recycled water, 1,162 solar panels that generate more electricity annually than is consumed during all the 49ers home games combined, and a 27,000 square-foot green roof that both cools and insulates the building.


On January 18, the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee partnered with Bay.org, San Francisco’s largest watershed conservation group, to bring over 300 volunteers together for a coastal cleanup of Candlestick Park and Yosemite Slough, collecting litter from to prevent debris from polluting the bay and beyond.

To their credit, this is not the National Football League’s first rodeo. For the past 24 years the NFL has been taking steps to reduce its environmental impact, planting trees and purchasing renewable energy to offset carbon emissions, employing green energy sources like biofuels to power generators and donating leftover food to local churches and homeless shelters.
Ultimately, the less waste there is, the less carbon emissions there are, and the less impact the Superbowl and other such events have on our waterways and oceans.

“Sustainability is definitely gaining strength,” says David Cooper, president of WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff, the engineering firm behind the design of Levi’s Stadium, in an article published on SI.com. “We are seeing it across multiple sectors…as an attractive selling point.”

The NFL could take a cue from the America’s Cup, who in 2013 in San Francisco implemented energy-saving, sustainable features like runoff reduction and bio degradable signage. Really, though, we should take our cues from each other, and recognize that we are all in this together, whether going for a sail or celebrating a touchdown.

Top 5 Foul Weather Gear and Jackets – Gift Ideas for Sailors

Give your sailor the gift of comfort on the water. Help them stay dry and warm with Jackets and Foul Weather Gear.

Check out these next Top 5 Foul Weather Gear Gift ideas to help point you in the right direction.



Gill OS2 JacketMusto MPX Race Collection

First up, the Musto MPX series. The MPX Race collection is designed with inshore and round-the-cans racers in mind. It”s the perfect gear for those that need a high-performance kit with excess bulk removed, Gore-Tex fabric reliability and move-with-you flexibilty necessary for performance sailing. Musto is backed by warranty, making it a gift that will give for years.








Gill Dinghy Pro Collection

If you”re shopping for a sailor who does more small boat or inshore sailing, the Gill Dinghy Pro Smock Top is a great option. The 2-layer waterproof fabric and its cuffs and neck seal will keep them well protected from the elements during a long hard day of racing. The dinghy top and trousers work together to create a waterproof performance kit.

Dubarry Ultima Stretch Sea Boots

Whether or not your sailor has dreams of offshore sailing, a good pair of Offshore boots can be loved by all. For rain, sleet, or snow, for on or off the water, the waterproof and breathable Dubarry Ultima Sea Boots are a versatile classic.

Musto Sardinia Jacket

Protection without suffocation. Let your sailor cruise warm seas in the lightweight, breathable Sardinia BR1 Jacket. Ideal for warm climates where rain and spray are always in the forecast. The Sardinia is 100aterproof and mesh lined for lightweight comfort against base layers.

Check out the full range of outerwear available at APS or shop the complete foul weather gear and jacket gift guide.

Top 5 Sailing Electronic Gifts

If you’re looking for a couple of gifts to WOW the sailors on your shopping list, this Top 5 list is sure to please.


Perfect for the tech wiz in your life, these gizmos and gadgets are not only useful, but just plain cool. These electronic gifts for the gadget loving sailor will ensure loads of entertainment and smooth sailing for many seasons to come.


Vaavud 2 Smartphone Windmeter

One of our favorite products of 2015 – the newly redesigned Vaavud Windmeter simply plugs into a smartphone headphone jack to record wind readings and wind direction. This convenient gadget fits easily in any pocket so it’s always ready to go.

Check out our full collection of Wind Instruments.

Garmin Quatix GPS Sailing Watch

Finally, a marine watch that truly does it all. The Garmin Quatix is chock full of state-of-the art features including a Tack Assist Mode, GPS virtual starting line, 3-axis compass and so much more. This gift will provide endless hours of entertainment for the serious gadget-loving boater. Check out the Garmin Watch video for a full representation of what this watch can do.

Watch our video for more info on the best watches for all types of sailors.

Check out our full collection of Watches and Timers.

FLIR Ocean Scout 240

Added safety for racers and cruisers – the FLIR Ocean Scout Night Vision Camera uses heat mapping to create clear images. What this means, even in blinding sunlight or in complete darkness, boaters will be able to clearly see landmarks and floating debris with ease. Anyone who spends time on the water after sunset will love this easy-to-use, handy safety tool.

Check out our full collection of Marine Electronics.

Sorry, this product does not exist.

Nautalytics Compass

This Alloy compass is just what your sailor needs to stay on course. No complicated buttons or frills – just a straight up digital compass. Bonus Points:  It also comes with a free anodized aluminum bracket for easy display and mounting.

Check out our full collection of Digital Compasses.

Garmin GPSMAP Handheld Marine GPS

Garmin hits another home run with their Handheld Marine GPS. Pre-loaded with coastal US charts, this fully waterproof and floating device is ready to steer your sailor to their next adventure. After receiving this awesome gift, they just might bring you along when they confidently sail off into the sunset!

Check out our full collection of GPS and Navigation Instruments.

For even more gift giving ideas for the gadget guru in your life, check out our full collection of electronic gifts in our APS Electronics & Gadgets Gift Guide.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Nautical Office

Help them bring their passion for sailing and a nautical lifestyle to work with these next –


Top 5 Gifts for the Office.


Not all of us are lucky enough to work in an environment that supports our passions outside the office walls. To help bridge the gap between life and work, give them something for the office that evokes the spirit and excitement of past and future sailing adventures.

cover and inside 2016 Ultimate Sailing Calendar2016 Ultimate Sailing Calendar

The Ultimate Sailing Calendar is a gift that gives all 365 days of the year. Filled with beautiful and exciting images from Sharon Green, this calendar looks great on the wall of any office.


Brass Weems and Plath Solaris Desk ClockSolaris Desk Clock

Give your hard worker something beautiful to stare at as the time ticks toward 5 pm. The Solaris Desk Clock by Weems & Plath has a locking gimbal allowing the clock to be viewed from any angle. Polished brass gives it a great a timeless look.





Weems and Plath Atlantis Quartz ShipAtlantis Clock

A classic time piece – This Weems & Plath Atlantis Quartz Clock features a classic ship”s 8-bell cycle. Help your business man or woman count down the hours until their next sailing adventure with this nautical themed clock.





Weems and Plath Compass Chart Weight - BrassChartweight

Keep their love for all things nautical alive, even when at the office. The Weems & Plath chart weights make beautiful paper weights, and add caché to any desk.





Weems and Plath Porthole Desk Set, Clock & BarometerPorthole Desk Set

The Porthole Desk Set by Weems & Plath elegantly displays a clock and a barometer. This classic looking time piece is perfect for a desk, coffee table or shelf. A classy addition to the most serious or casual office space.


For even more gift giving ideas, check out our full collection of gifts for the office in our APS Gift Guide.

Top 5 Gifts for a Nautical Home

These Top 5 Sailing Gift Ideas for a Nautical Home can fit every budget and type of sailor on your list.

These gifts will thoughtfully say, “I support your love of the nautical lifestyle.”

Scroll down for a more in-depth look…

Dragon Olympic Sailboat Model

Adorn their mantel with a piece of history. A classic Olympic sailing vessel still raced today, this model sailboat features a mahogany planked hull built from approved racing class blueprints. Built to scale of the legendary racer. Comes complete with cotton hand stitched sails, brass hardware and table stand.

Weems & Plath Brass Stormglass Set

The Brass Stormglass Plaque is a mysterious weather predictor that is sure to intrigue any sailor. Stormglass instruments have been in use since the 1750s. Changing weather affects the solubility of the mixture of chemicals in the sealed glass tube. Some believe that the changes in crystal structure have to do with the electromagnetic changes caused by weather and sun storms. A mountable plaque makes this display perfect for any room in the home.

APS Sta-Set Spliced Dog Leash

This classic dog leash is made of the same high-quality materials your sailor relies on. With a spliced loop handle at one end and a bronze shackle spliced on the other, this leash screams nautical pride. It’s made with 3/8″ New England Sta-Set line and comes in a variety of colors so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your sailor.

Brass Bell 6″ with Mahogany Plaque

Summon the troops for dinner or commend noteworthy accomplishments at home with the distinctive tone of a solid brass ships bell. The fully functional Ships Bells from Weems & Plath are the perfect addition to any nautical décor themed room. These solid and sturdy bells are equally stunning indoors or out.

Brass Yacht Lamp

The solid brass Weems and Plath Yacht Lamp is styled after a traditional miner’s lamp and is the perfect addition to any boat or nautical home. This oil lamp has been popular for over 30 years and truly sets the standard for traditional elegance. The Yacht Lamp can stand independently on a table or can be mounted to a wall or bulkhead with the addition of a gimbal or wall bracket.

Endurance Time & Tide Clock

With it’s nautical flair and hard brass finish, this Endurance time and tide clock is sure to please the sailor in your life. It features an easy to read standard clock face, and one dial to indicate the current tidal position. The tide sector of the clock averages the Atlantic tidal cycle, but can be used for other tidal areas as well. Bring elegance and practicality to any room with this gift.

For even more gift giving ideas, check out our full collection of gifts for the home in the APS Gift Guide.