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Oversized Shipping

The table below shows some popular items that qualify as oversized, bulky, high volume, irregularly shaped and overweight items listed by part number.

Please be aware that oversized items do not qualify for reduced price shipping.

If you require a firm quote for shipping oversized items please call us at 800-729-9767 or email us at

The shipping rates for an oversized item are determined on a case by case basis, based on its length, width, height and weight once it has been safely packaged for shipping.

A member of APS' Customer Service Team will contact our carriers to get a shipping estimate for this item and will pass this information on to you (via the email address that you provide for us) before we ship your order.

However, to ensure that we do not delay the arrival time of your order, APS will ship all in-stock oversized items on the day they are processed.

To obtain the lowest possible shipping rate, APS uses either UPS, FedEx or DHL for oversized shipments. This list is not all-inclusive and is subject to change at any time without notice. At the checkout process your shipping total will not reflect the oversize charge. Your final shipping total will be sent to the email address that you provide during the checkout process when your order is processed.

Part # Description
APS056 Custom J-24 Pole
J22400 J22 Aluminum Spinnaker Pole Complete
APS075 Thistle Carbon Spinnaker Pole Complete
APS707 Custom - J24 Pole
BA22030 20mm Track 71"
BA22040 20 mm track 95"
BB30CSP1600 Tapered Batten 1 1/4"x 63"   
BTB095 Top mast complete
BTB097 Lower mast section complete
BTB098 Boom Assembly w/o Block
BTB15 Upper Mast Complete
BTB16 Lower Mast Section Complete
BTB17 Boom Assembly w/o block
CS1,2,3 Olimpic Race Sail light
EXOX234M3 Optimax Spar Set Mk3 w/40mm Boom
EX1005 QuickSilver Mast w/ B-Pack for Silver
EX1005B QuickSilver Mast w/o B-Pack
EX1011 Upgraded Club Mast (School)
EX1012 Sleeve Club Mast (School)
EX1022 QuickSilver Boom, 40mm, w/ Wire Vang
EX1030 Club Boom (School)
EX1031 Club Boom Upgraded (School)
EX1040 Club Sprit (School)
EX1041 QuickSilver or Upgraded Club Sprit, w/ Chafe Guard
EX1048 QuickSilver Spar Set w/ B-Pack for Silver
EX1048NORIGPACK Silver Spar Set w/o Rig Pack
EX1050 Club Spar Set
Part # Description
EX1051 Club Spar Set, Upgraded
EX1052 Spar Set, Sleeved School
EX1057 WinDesign Racing Sail UNO, Under 99 lbs
EX1057A  Win Design 3.9 DuraRace Sail UNO
EX1058 WinDesign Racing Sail DOS, Over 99 lbs
EX1058A WinDesign 3.9 DuraRace Sail DOS
EX1061 Optiparts SLEEVED club sail
EX1076 Optiparts Dolly Large Wheels
EX900 BlackGold Mast w/B-Pack for BlackGold
EX932 BlackLite Boom 32mm, for BlackGold
EX940 BlackGold Boom 40mm, Standard
EX955 BlackMax Boom 55mm, for BlackGold
EX960 BlackGold Sprit
EX970 BlackLite Spar Set w/B-Pack for BlackGold
EX975 BlackGold Spar Set w/B-Pack for BlackGold
EX975C BlackGold Spar Set, Chartered
EX980 BlackMax Spar Set w/B-Pack for BlackGold
FCT100 Forte Carbon Tube 8' Long OD 1.25", ID 1.00"
FCT125 Forte Carbon Tube 9' Long OD 1.44", ID 1.25"
FCT150 Forte Carbon Tube 10' Long OD 1.70", ID 1.50"
FCT200 Forte Carbon Tube 12 Long OD 2.25", ID 2.00"
FCT225 Forte Carbon Tube 12' Long OD 2.50", ID 2.25"
FCT250 Forte Carbon Tube 12.5' Long OD 2.80", ID 2.50"
FCTJ24 Forte Carbon Tube for J24 OD 2.50", ID 2.25"
FP102216 Forespar Big Stick 72" Tiller Ext.ension, Carbo
FP102223 Giant Stick: 72, Speed-Lock Universal
FP301006 2.00" x 9'4" Aluminum Tubing
FP301019 3.00" x 13'0" Aluminum Tubing
FP301024 3.50" x 15'0" Aluminum Tubing
Part # Description
FP301057 2.50" x 11'2" Aluminum Tubing
FP301063 3.00" x 16'0" Aluminum Tubing
FP303101 Small Boat Spin Pole Kit
FP303600 Dinghy Spin Pole Kit
FP303700 Dinghy Spin Pole Kit
FP406100 Telescoping Whisker Pole 72-134"
FP408002 1.50" x 86" Aluminum Tubing
FPJ24001 J24 Carbon Spinn. Pole
H160212 MR LB Retrofit CB Track, 12' (3.66m)
H160260 MR LB Retrofit CB Track, 6' (1.83m)
H160280 MR LB Retrofit CB Track, 8' (2.43m)
H161615 MR LB Metric CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")
H161618 MR LB Metric CB Track, 1.8m (70 13/16")
H161621 MR LB Metric CB Track, 2.1m (82 11/16")
H161624 MR LB Metric CB Track, 2.4m (94 1/2")      
H161630 MR LB Metric CB Track, 3.0m (118 1/8")
H161636 MR LB Metric CB Track, 3.6m (141 3/4")           
H161715 MR LB Pin Metric CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")           
H161718 MR LB Pin Metric CB Track, 1.8m (70 13/16")     
H161721 MR LB Pin Metric CB Track, 2.1m (82 11/16")               
H161724 MR LB Pin Metric CB Track, 2.4m (94 1/2")                   
H161815 MR HB Variable CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")
H161818 MR HB Variable CB Track, 1.8m (70 13/16")
H27072 Micro CB Track, LB, 2.0m (6.56')
H272015 SB LB Metric CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")
H272018 SB LB Metric CB Track, 1.8m (70 13/16")
H272021 SB LB Metric CB Track, 2.1m (82 11/16")
H272025 SB LB Metric CB Track, 2.5m (98 7/16")
H272036 SB LB Metric CB Track, 3.6m (141 3/4")   
H272060 SB LB Metric CB Track, 6m (236 1/4")
Part # Description
H272115 SB HB Variable CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")
H272118 SB HB Variable CB Track, 1.8m (70 3/16")
H272515 SB HB,Metric CB Track, 1.5m (59 1/16")
H272518 SB HB Metric CB Track, 1.8m (70 13/16")         
H272536 SB HB Metric CB Track, 3.6m (141 3/4")
H31596 BB LB Retrofit CB Track 6"
H3736 SB LB Retrofit CB Track, 6' (1.83m)
H37460 SB HB Retrofit CB Track, 6' (1.83m)
HA302 Keelband, Undrilled 2 x 5'
HA303 Keelband, Drilled 2 x 5'
HA4798    RED 78" Foam Grip Tiller Ext..
HA5514 55" Carbon Fiber Lightning Stk
HA5519 74" Carbon Fiber Lightning Stk
HA5521 81" Carbon Lightning Stick
HA5525 98" Carbon Fiber Lightning Stk
HB20525 26mm metric black alum. t-track
HM101F Cal 20 & 21 Tiller
HM1264F J-80 Tiller 62 1/2"
HSJ24CTSP J24 Carbon-Fiber Tapered Spinnaker Pole
HWW Hiking Bench Kit
HWW002 Two Laser Hull Carrier
KBETCHELLS KBS Etchells Racing Tiller
LMOSCE Light 3.9 Race sail(-80lbs)
LMOSCG Heavy 3.9 Race sail(+100lbs)
LMOSCM Medium 3.9 Race sail(80-100lb)
LMOSRE Omega Light RACE sail(-80lbs)
LMOSRG Omega Heavy RACE sail(100lbs)
LMOSRM Omega Medium RACE sail(80-100)
Part # Description
LR111 Trailer mast support - 5' high
LW29160125 Sz 3 Beam Track 2.5m
LW29160315 Size 0, Beam Track 4' 11"
LW29160415 Size 0, Drilled Track 4' 11"
LW29160420 ize 0, Drilled Track 6' 7"
LW29161115 Sz 1, Sliding Bolt Track 4'11"
LW29161120 Sz 1 Sliding Bolt Track(2.0m)
LW29161130 Sz 1 Sliding Bolt Track(3.0m)
LW29161320 Sz 1 Beam Track 2.0m
LW29161330 Sz 1 Beam Track 3.0m
LW29161400 Sz 1 Drilled Track w/Plgr Hole
LW29161415 Sz1 Drilled Trk 1.5m w/plgr Ho
LW29161420 Sz1 Drilled track 2.0m w/plgr
LW29161430 Sz 1 Drilled track 3M wPlgr Ho
LW29162100 Sz 2 Sliding Bolt Track 5.0m
LW29162120 Sz 2 Sliding Bolt Track 2.0m
LW29162130 Sz 2 Sliding Bolt Track 3.0m
LW29162300 Sz 2 Beam Track - 5.0m
LW29162320 Sz 2 Beam Track - 2.0m
LW29162330 Sz 2 Beam Track - 3.0m
LW29162400 Sz 2 Drilled Track w/plgr hole
LW29162430 Sz 2 Drilled Track w/plgr hole
LW29162500 Sz 2 HL Beam Track - 5.0m
LW29162520 Sz 2 HL Beam Track - 2.0m
LW29162530 Sz 2 HL Beam Track - 3.0m
LW2916300 Sz 1 Beam Track 5.0m
LW29163300 Sz 3 beam Track 5.0m
LW29163320 Sz 3 Beam Track 2.0m
LW29163330 Sz 0 sliding bolt track 2.5M
Part # Description
LW29163400 Sz 3 Drilled Track w/ Pgr Hole
LW29163415 Sz 3 Drilled Track w/Plgr Hole
LW29163420 Sz 3 Drilled Trackw/Plgr Hole
LW29163430 Sz 3 Drilled Track w/Plgr Hole
LW367370252 Hatch Trimkit size 70
MM44FX04 Arriba Hiking Stick 57-105"
MM44FX06 Arriba Hiking Stick 62-120"
NSDR2 North DR2 New Zealand Opti Sail
NSSW1 North SWI Sidewinder Opti Sail
NSSW2 North SW2 Sidewinder Opti Sail
OMRF2H Omega RF-2 Race Sail Heavy
OMRF2L Omega RF-2 Race Sail Light
OMRF2M Omega RF-2 Race Sail Med.
PR304     E22 Spin Pole Complete 63/38mm
PR304     J24 Spin Pole Complete 63/38mm
R0866 48" Tiller Ext.. Golf Grip   
R4288 Spin Pole Kit 1" x 62"
R4288A 1" Blank Alum. Tube 4'11"
R4290 Spinn. Pole Kit 1-1/4" x 77.5"
R4290A 1-1/4" Blank Alum. Tube 6'6"
RBS001 Mumm 30 Backstay Flicker
RC619020 3/4" I beam track
RC819015 5/8" Track 5'
RC827015 7/8" Track 5'
RF129315 27mm track, 4' - 11"
RF129320 27mm track, 6' - 7"
RF129330 27mm track, 9' - 11"
RF3122 X10 Tiller Ext.ension 80"
RF3124 X10 Tele Ext.ension 60-98"
Part # Description
RF3137 X10 Tiller Ext.ension 96"
RSP2R19 Rhodes 19 Spinn. Pole
RSP2TH Thistle Spinn. Pole
RSP3LG Lightning Spinn Pole
RSP420 420 Spinn Pole
RSP4505 Int 505 Spinn. Pole
RSP4CAL20 Cal 20 Spinn. Pole
RSPFSB Flying Scott Spinn Pole
RSPT1 Tapered Pole 38-25mm, 57-67"
RSPT2 Tapered Pole 42-25mm, 64-76"
RSPT3 Tapered Pole 42-25mm, 75-84"
RSPT4 Tapered Pole 42-25mm, 81-94"
SC120525 Tuff Luff sys complete #5 25'
SC120525Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #5 25'
SC120530 Tuff Luff sys complete #5 30'
SC120530Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #5: 30'
SC120536 Tuff Luff sys complete #5 36'
SC120536Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion  #5 36'
SC120546 Tuff Luff sys complete #5 46'
SC120546Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #5 46'
SC170636 Tuff Luff sys complete #6 36'
SC170636Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #6 36'
SC170646 Tuff Luff sys complete #6 46'
SC170646Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #6 46'
SC170659 Tuff Luff sys complete #6 59'
SC170659Ext. Tuff Luff Ext.rusion #6, 59'
SC4006 3/4" T-track Std. 6'
SC4066 1" Race T-track 6'         
SE420 420 Single Frame - Std. Wheels
Part # Description
SE420HD 420 Double Frame - Std Wheels
SEBOXT2A Trailer Rack-Two "A" Boats
SEFLYJR Flying Jr. Dolly - B Wheels
SEFLYJRFW Flying Jr. Dolly - Fat Wheels
SELASER Laser Dolly - Std. Wheels
SELASER Laser Dolly- Std. Wheels
SEOPTI Optimist Dolly - Std. Wheels
SESUNFISH Sunfish Dolly - Std. Wheels
SET1784 Cross Bar for "B" Boat racks
SET1D DH56 Rear Axle - Square Tube Double Centerline
SEV15 V15 Dolly  Single Centerline - B Wheels
SLD53551203 Spin Pole 55-71"
SLD53551303 SpinPole 89-97"
SLD53551304 Spin Pole, 42mm, 70-87.8" 
SLDS0630515 Spin Pole Complete 63/38mm E22
SLDS0630515 Spin Pole complete 63/38mm E22
SLDS0630786 Spin Pole Complete 63/38mm J24
SPS16CP 16mm (5/8") Carbon Blank 8'
SPS201 38mm Tapered Spin Pole 67"
SPS202 42mm Tapered Spin Pole 76"
SPS203 42mm Tapered Spin Pole 94"
SPS204 42mm Tapered Spin Pole 84"
SPS25CP 25mm (1") Carbon Blank 8'
SPS32CP 32mm (1-1/4") Carbon Blank 8'
THLB58 Thule 58" Load Bars (Pair)
THLB65 Thule 65" Load Bars (Pair)
THLB78 Thule 78" Load Bars (Pair)
THLB96 Thule 96" Load Bars (Pair)
TI01, TI02, TI03 Toni Tio Sail
LP89037 4.7 Lower Mast
Part # Description
LP89407 Laser Boom Complete
LP89035 Laser Lower Mast Complete
LP89034 Laser Upper Mast-Blue Fittings
LP89019 Laser 2 upper mast.
LP89409 Boom '94-'98, Laser 2
LP17650 Boom rigged
  Mast, CJ SCV, Rigged
LP89013 Mast, w/o Spinnaker & Trap Gear, Rigged
LP17600 Mast Rigged w/Trapeze & Spinnaker Gear
LP16600 Mast rigged complete
LP89014 Mast rigged w/spinn gear
LP17675 Spin Pole rigged - tapered
  Mast, rigged JRV (w/spinnaker)
LP89021 Mast, VG club
LP89411 Boom, Club
LP89800 Sprit VG club
LP17650 Boom, rigged
LP22600 Club Spar Set
LP90687 Mast w/ Hardware Only w/ Spinnaker & Trap Gear
LP89038 Mast w/o Spinnaker & Trapeze Gear, Unrigged
LP89025 V15 mast unrigged
LP89039 Mast, unrigged
LP89029 Spar set, quickrig
LP78900 Bunk for trailer
LP89807 Spinnaker Pole Complete Laser 2
LP89037    LP94102 4.7 rig complete
LP89036 Radial Lower Mast
Part # Description
LP91080 Coaming - White
LP83014 Mast Step Repair Kit
LP89023 Mast,  Complete
LP89415 Upper Boom, Complete
LP89414 Lower Boom, Complete
LP90693 Mast, upper (1992 and prior)
LP89027 Mast, lower (1992 and prior)
LP89028 Upper Mast 1993 and Later
LP89026 Mast,lower (1993 & later)
LP89417 boom (1993 & later)
LP19600 Spar set
LP85034 Daggerboard, wook
LP85030 Daggerboard, complete w stop (Sunfish)
LP85028 Daggerboard, complete, race/pl
LP89046 Boom complete
LP89016 Lower mast complete
LP89015 Sz 3 Beam Track 3.0m
LP91008 Aluminum Trim 5'
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