1:1 Outhaul 3/16" AmSteel Blue

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Our Farr 30 1:1 Outhaul is designed to run from the "floating" block in the boom to the clew shackle. Comes with eye splices on both ends to accommodate the shackle on one end and the block in the boom on the other.

The line used for this outhaul is Samson Amsteel Blue. It is made of 100% Dyneema, which means it is low creep and useful for high static-load jobs. The fiber is UV-stable and abrasion resistant. It does not absorb water, so it remains lightweight.


  • Diameter: 3/16 in (5mm)
  • Line: Samson Amsteel Blue.This high performance Dyneema SK-75 & Polypropylene single braid line has minimal stretch and zero water absorption.
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