1.5 Standard Pole UXP/UXP

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You can order the Forespar pole kit or custom order your rigged Forespar spinnaker poles from APS. Forespar's Finished Aluminum Keel Boat Spinnaker Pole Kit includes anodized aluminum tubing and a double Spectra bridle topping lift/foreguy system. They either have UTR (Ultra Internal Trip) or UXP (Ultra External Trip) pole end fittings. We can also customize poles with black hardcoat-anodized aluminum tubes and other Forespar end fittings or combinations.

Our shipping carriers classify everything over 5' as inoversized in. FP301000 is the customize pole from APS using UPX-150-UXP with an ULTRA Piston fitting at both ends. The finished pole is approximately 7'8 in..

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Color Black
Diameter (in) 1.5
Length (Ft) 7' 8"
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