Ronstan 19mm Acetal Solid Bearing Sheave Bore 6.6mm

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Ronstan's Acetal Solid Bearing Sheaves come in many sizes and can be used for numerous applications.

Acetal is well suited to the application, with characteristics of high strength and resistance to impact and wear.

Molded from a specially modified ultra-violet resistant grade of material to provide a long service life in a tough marine environment.

It also exhibits excellent low friction properties for bearing applications.

More Information
Color Black
Bearing Type Plain
Bore (in) 1/4
Bore (mm) 6.6
Depth (mm) 19
Max Line Size (in)
Max Line Size (mm) 6
Sheave Diameter (in)
Sheave Diameter (mm) 19
sheave type Acetal
Sheave Width (in)
Sheave Width (mm) 6.4
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