25mm SS Ball Bearing Sheave (HT) Wire 5.0 (mm)

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This 25mm Stainless Steel Ball Bearing Sheave has the same stainless steel sheave and ball bearings as Holt Allen's High Tension blocks of matching diameter.

May be used as replacement sheaves for the 25mm High Tension Block.

The difference between this sheave and the HA49868 is this sheave is 6mm wide and the other is 8mm wide.

More Information
Color Black
Bearing Type Stainless steel
Bore (in) 5/16
Bore (mm) 8
Max Line Size (in) 3/16
Max Line Size (mm) 5
Max Wire Size (in) 3/16
Max Wire Size (mm) 5
Note 25mm High Tension
Sheave Diameter (in) 1
Sheave Diameter (mm) 25
sheave type Stainless steel
Sheave Width (in) 1/4
Sheave Width (mm) 6
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