4.5-3.5 Tapered Carbon Pole - UTS/UGPS

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Forespar's Finished Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Poles for keelboats offer weight savings over traditional aluminum poles and they will improve foredeck crew work too. All carbon fiber spinnaker poles come standard with an Awl Grip clear coat finish.

Our expert in-house riggers at APS are happy to customize a pole to your specifications. Standard options to consider while completing an order are FP800090: optional retracting bridle on 3 in (76mm) diameter or larger TS or UTS inboard ends; FP800091: the inclusion of a 2' (610mm) section of Kevlar chafe patch to prevent モforestay rash in; and FP800093: Awl Grip color coat (please specify color). This 4.5 in. (114mm)-diameter carbon shaft tapered to 3 1/2 in. (89mm) ends is customized by the in-house riggers at APS to be capped by a UTS and a UGPS end fitting.

It comes in 22' (6706mm) sections or smaller. Be sure to consider additional custom options. Our shipping carriers consider anything over 5' oversized.

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